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Arctic Adventure And Greenland Cruises

Arctic Adventure And Greenland Cruises

Experience the Arctic Circle and Greenland from a truly unique perspective by climbing aboard one of our incredible cruises. There is no better way to discover the magic of this stunning part of our planet.

Without actually witnessing this incredible region it is hard to imagine its enormity. A seemingly endless, but nonetheless magnificent ocean of ice and sea, this is a special part of our planet. Waters are frequented by diverse sea life while the interconnected islands and surrounding wilderness are inhabited by native people, birds and mammals. Our range of Arctic adventure cruises and holidays offer you the chance to experience what few others have the opportunity to. Explore by land and sea and make memories that will stay with you long after you have left.

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Have a look at all the incredible adventures you can enjoy on Wildfoot’s Arctic holiday itineraries...



The region is not only the realm of the polar bear; it brims with other land and sea mammals such as Musk Ox, Sea Otters, Whales, from Blue to Beluga, Narwhal, Walrus and many more. If observing Polar Bears is on your wish list, Spitsbergen or the Canadian Arctic are the key destinations to see these incredible mammals.

There are more polar bears than people in Spitsbergen, so the chances of spotting one of these amazing animals, if not a mother and her cubs, is high. Spitsbergen and Greenland are authentic destinations for wildlife spotting, and aside from polar bears, you’ll get the opportunity to observe Seals, Whales, Arctic Foxes, Reindeer and much more.

Join us on an Arctic cruise and experience breath-taking natural beauty first-hand.

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Experience the Arctic's birdlife in intimate tranquillity on a luxury Arctic cruise or expedition.

See unique and rare species from Steller’s Sea Eagles to Ivory Gulls, plus Spoon-billed Sandpipers and beautiful Gyrfalcons, while thousands of Auks, Gulls and more, await you somewhere in the far north. Steller’s Sea Eagles, usually found in the Russian Arctic, are rare and are a birding marvel for their impressive wingspan.

If you’re a keen birdwatcher, a visit to Spitsbergen is a must. This Arctic Archipelago has an array of magnificent birds to observe from Brunnich’s Guillemots to Skuas and other seabird colonies. Skuas are the most common bird species to be seen in Spitsbergen, while Puffins can also be observed along the fjords of the South West.

Ross’s Gulls boast a distinctive black necklace and are the only bird from the gull family with wedge-shaped tails. They predominantly breed around the Siberian Rivers in the Russian Arctic. However, they can occasionally be spotted south of the Arctic Circle. Migratory birds can be seen from the end of May until circa the middle of July.

Whatever time of year you visit, you’ll be nothing less than amazed at the incredible birdlife the Arctic has to offer.

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Land Based

Land Based

For a more in-depth Arctic experience, you can search for wildlife from a lodge in Arctic Canada or experience extreme skiing, climbing, dog sledding and snowmobile camping on Spitsbergen – a true adventure! The Canadian Arctic has plenty to offer, so get in touch to find out more and book your dream Arctic adventure.

Snowmobiling and dog-sledging are some of our most popular land-based activities. These are both exhilarating experiences and offer the opportunity to admire Spitsbergen’s magnificent and unspoiled white landscapes.

During the activity, you’ll get to explore some interesting and unique Spitsbergen towns and settlements. Land based activities requiring snow are only generally available between November to February. During the summer months, dog-sledding is on wheels. Hiking is another incredible adventure to do in Spitsbergen.

You’ll be able to hike across mountains while covering even more of this stunning land. If seeing the Northern Lights is also on your bucket list, the Arctic should be at the top of your agenda. During your trip, you may be lucky enough to see a magical display of colour across the sky. Please note, you are not always guaranteed to the Northern Lights as it’s dependent on clear skies between Mid-September to March.

Not only this, but the popular wildlife hotspot Svalbard is also a hub of history with its links to World War 2. There’s something to inspire all adventure seekers.

Take a look at our land-based activities page for more information or speak to one of our Arctic travel experts today.

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Arctic Cruises and Expeditions

Watch our Arctic cruises and expeditions video and see what the Arctic has in store for you.

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Call one of our friendly destination specialists on 0800 195 3385 or 44 1625 581143 for outside the UK and chat directly with someone who has been to this region. Let us help you start planning your tailor-made arctic adventure now.

How WILDFOOT creates your holiday Adventure

Talk to our expert and friendly team. Every one of our specialist consultants are here to help you every step of the way – and here’s just how...

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Start by visiting our website where you will be blown away by inspiration. Once you have chosen a few destinations that you want to find out more about, call one of our team. We have all travelled and enjoy nothing more than sharing our knowledge, passion and experience. As soon as you are ready to book, we can start the planning process and you can rest assured that you will be looking forward to an Arctic adventure of a lifetime.

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We pride ourselves on our personal service and, as soon as you have made contact, we will work with you to choose exactly the right itinerary and the right ship too. Every holiday we create can be tailored to suit your requirements, your budget and your wishlist.

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The team are on hand throughout the whole booking process and are always happy to answer any questions that may arise. On final payment (12-15 weeks before departure) you will receive your itinerary in detail and we will make sure we are on the end of the phone to go through it with you.

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Once you have left the UK on your Arctic adventure, we are still there for you. You can also call us in the UK at any time, or drop us an email and we will do our best to answer questions or help as necessary. We also have reliable and professional partners overseas who are available to help with anything should any emergency arise.

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This wonderful part of our magical world is the reason we set up as a company and it remains very special to each and every one of us. We take great pride in the Arctic adventures and cruises we offer and, thanks to our dedicated crew with their bountiful knowledge, vast experience and attention to detail we can guarantee you an unforgettable trip, no matter which one you choose.

Working with handpicked cruise operators and other providers, you can rest assured that you, just like every one of our customers, will enjoy a memorable holiday that offers great value for money and a great service, all without compromising on quality.

Our dedication to providing unique travel opportunities while maintaining a devoted commitment to wildlife conservation and the protection of the environment is at the heart of everything we do. We want our customers to have peace of mind that they are booking with a company who cares, and we believe that this is a reason so many people come back to book another trip. Don’t take our word for it - check out our testimonials page and you will see what our customers really have to say.

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