3 Things to Remember Before You Set Off For The Arctic

Here at Wildfoot Travel we strive to provide the you – the intrepid adventurer – a once in a lifetime experience to the wondrous Frozen North. Although our seasoned professionals will accompany you on every step – following a few simple rules will ensure, firstly, your utmost safety on your expedition and secondly, the basis of survival for any future endeavours. Here are our top tips for making the most of your Wildfoot Travel Arctic adventure!

5 Most Popular Arctic Myths About Animals

Myth 1

Penguins live in the Arctic. Not true! You will never see a polar bear and a penguin together, and polar bears do not eat penguins. Why? Because penguins do not live in the arctic!

Myth 2

The polar bear is a left pawed arctic animal. This popular myth is not correct and has never been corroborated by scientists in the field- in reality, the giant polar bear can use either paw with equal skill during hunting and swimming Continue reading