Galapagos Snorkeling

You may have noticed John has recently visited Galapagos and we’ve been documenting his journey and photography for the last fortnight. What we kept quiet is that Simon went too. They split up once there to experience different expeditions and this is the 1st of 3 accounts from Simon…

QUITO Last Day!

This morning I went on my last excursion to the Mittel del Mundo, the actual line of the Equator. I have crossed the equator many time by sea and by air, but never stood on the line.

It is really fascinating and I saw demonstrations of how the water really does go down the plug in a different direction on either side of the line and straight down when on the actual line. Also other anomalies which show how one’s weight and one’s strength are less on the line.

Of course I had the obligatory photograph taken! There is also the original line, about 300 m away, which was calculated by French scientists the 19th century and is marked by an impressive monument. I had a picture taken there too, but it was pouring down by then, so I didn’t hang around!Then a call at the Capella dos Hombres or Chapel of Man, which is an amazing gallery of the works of the artist and sculptor, Guayacamin.

Very impressive and very moving – his themes are based on peace and his expressionist art was influenced by Picasso. Too short a time was possible here because I had to get back through the traffic to pick up by transport to the airport, and the Quito traffic is notoriously heavy.

Check in is also requested at 3 hours before departure. Now on the way home via Guayacil, Madrid and London – not looking forward to this. But have had an amazing three weeks…

Thanks for sharing my adventures in Galapagos. If you’re interested in seeing more photos, please get in touch. If you’d like to arrange your own trip to Galapagos, please call our team for arrangements and availability.

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Galapagos – Our last full day on board

Our last full day on board and a relaxing start with a morning zodiac ride around Witch Hill area of the coast of San Cristobel and time spent on the shore just watching blue footed boobies and pelicans fishing, seals playing around, marine iguanas and various finches.

Galapagos Hawk captured by John

Saturday and we anchored off Chinese Hat Island at about 06:30. It is a small volcanic island named because of its shape. We cruised around a bit in the zodiac hoping to see the Galápagos penguins, but they were not being cooperative and we only caught a glimpse of one head in the water.

Galapagos Journals – more stunning photography from John

What an amazing day we have had on Genovesa Island. This is the only place in the world where red- footed boobies breed, and this morning, after a wet landing on a white sandy beach, we walked though their nesting territory, which they share with great frigate birds, swallow-tail gulls and a few other species.