Remember to book early!

Finally last night we met our fellow travellers. Quark held a meeting in the hotel to give us information about embarkation and what to do with our luggage. As we expected the majority of the others are Americans, followed by a good percentage of Australians and then British with a few other nationalities.

Our home will be a cabin for the next 23 days

We packed up and left Buenos Aires with some excitement and a little trepidation. Although we knew that the checked luggage would come in under the weight limit the hand luggage with the cameras was well over. We had read other blogs before leaving the UK which said that there was no problem at the airport, but you just never know do you?

A guide to Antarctica

Antarctica is one of those places you’ve probably not been but should. Not many people know a lot about it. For instance, is Antarctica a country or a continent? Who owns it? And what’s the landscape and wildlife like there? So we’ve put together a guide to Antarctica to help you learn more about it, and add it to your list of places to visit.

The Life of the Polar Bear

As this Polar Bear cub takes his first adorable steps, he is beginning the journey which will hopefully see him grow to be a king of the Arctic plains. Polar Bears can be reared in a number of different environments, some growing up in the wild and others being raised in many different kinds of zoos. Here we’ll look at the different lives these Polar Bears end up leading.

The Stunning Arctic Fox

The Arctic Fox is a stunning creature with some incredible qualities, including the changing colour of its fur and, of course, its ability to survive in some of the coldest climates on earth. The temperature has to fall below 70°C before the Arctic Fox will even start to shiver. How does it flourish so well in such harsh environments?