Yellowstone – Day 3 Pressure’s off!

0630 start again today with the temperature as we board the bus reading -10F, which comes out at a tad warmer than -30C. I have never been anywhere as cold as this!Off on the road again hoping to consolidate yesterday’s sightings. Lots of bison of course and our first stop overlooking a spectacular valley as we watched the sun rise.

Yellowstone Park – Day 2 : Finding the Wolves

Cold and early start today to make the most of our chances. Drove off in the swirling snow at 06.30 at the first sign of dawn with the thermometer reading just 2 Fahrenheit, that’s 30 below freezing! Tucked in to my cold packed breakfast straight away as we drove for about an hour back up to the Lamar Valley to start our backwardsing and forwardsing again looking for the wolves.

#Yellowstone Day 1 : Looking for Wolves

Really cold this morning – all temperatures are quoted in Fahrenheit here, so 10 degrees doesn’t sound too bad, until you realise that freezing point is 32! Luckily, we do know what to expect in cold climates and have all the right layers and clothes.

Yellowstone Wolves in Winter

John from Arctic Bound and Wildfoot Travel has taken a few winter days out with his wife to travel to Yellowstone National Park and see it the way very few people are able to – in Winter.