Choose Wildfoot Travel for your time in Brazil

Not sure where to start? Well, wildlife lovers are especially well served by a choice of two enticing trips. One of those, ‘Realm of the Jaguar’, lasts just over a week and represents the perfect opportunity to view one of nature’s most elusive creatures in its natural habitat. Opt for our ‘Pantanal and Amazon’ package, meanwhile, to take in two of Brazil’s most iconic wildlife spots.

Alternatively, of course, you might be looking to do a touch more exploring, in which case, our 14-day packages will suit you perfectly. One such option will see you cover a good portion of the country, stopping at Rio De Janeiro, Iguazu Falls, Porto Jofre, Cuiaba and Manaus, followed by a two day stint at the Amazon Eco Lodge.

We also offer an option for those wanting to sneak a little more wildlife into their fortnight in Brazil. Arriving in Cuiaba, you will travel down the West of the country, stopping at Pouso Alegre, the Jaguar Flotel, Rio Claro and Iguazu Falls, before heading back up to Cuiaba.

The accommodation that we offer throughout these trips varies depending on the area that you visit. In the Pantanal, the accommodation is rather simple and rustic, but still clean and functional. Our highest-end accommodation, meanwhile, is the Jaguar Suite Flotel.

As reliable wildlife travel specialists here at Wildfoot Travel, we make sure that our guides have first-hand experience and knowledge of all the trips we offer. Portuguese is the main language spoken in Brazil, which is why it is so valuable to have one of our English speaking guides by your side.

The temperate climate in Brazil means that it’s possible to travel with us to this part of the world all year round. However, please keep in mind that we cannot control the local weather conditions at the time. The final itinerary will be determined closer to the date of your tip, but nothing on the itinerary is guaranteed.

If you feel that a Brazilian break is right for you, why not enquire to the experts in far-flung travel here at Wildfoot Travel today?

There’s nothing quite like kayaking in the Antarctic

One of the best things about WILDFOOT is the way we’re able to cater for everyone, no matter how active they want to be while exploring this part of the world. We are proud to be able to offer bespoke breaks designed to suit the unique needs of our clients. We are specialists in polar travel who are always passionate about passing on our knowledge of the Antarctic and helping our clients to make the most of their adventure.

Kayaking is one of the most popular activities in the Antarctic. All of our kayaking excursions offer different views of Antarctica and provide real exhilaration. Explore Antarctica from a sea kayak and you will be able to hear and see incredible things up close. These include crashing glaciers, porpoising penguins, swarming krill and the exciting crackling of ice. These boats are virtually noiseless, which means they won’t drown out some of the most fascinating sounds the Antarctic has to offer.

Your guide will examine your comfort level to keep you safe while you are out on the water. We are here to provide you with the best Antarctica kayaking holiday possible, while giving you all of the attention you need to make your excursion a magical one. We enjoy robust, long-standing relationships with a number of cruise companies and have built up exceptional knowledge of Antarctic kayaking over the years. This knowledge allows us to deliver the excellence that you require, helping you to derive vast pleasure from the widest range of polar activities and create memories that you will never forget.

We are proud of the attention to detail that we offer and always take feedback from our clients seriously, which enables us to continue delivering outstanding Antarctica excursions. Why not talk to us today if you are interested in sea kayaking in the Antarctic? Whether you will be travelling alone or as part of a group, you can rely on us to do everything in our power to bring you the world-class adventure that you are seeking, keeping you safe in the process and helping you build on your Arctic knowledge.

Get in touch with the WILDFOOT team today to find out more about what is almost guaranteed to be the most remarkable overseas journey on which you have ever embarked.

Planning your Arctic trip with WILDFOOT

WILDFOOT is a world-class provider of Arctic holiday cruises. Taking time to prepare for your trip to the Arctic is crucial if it is to be a success, so let’s look at some of the most valuable advice that we can give you if you are thinking of heading out to this extraordinary part of the world with us.

Unless you are looking for a particularly tough challenge, it’s probably best to head to the Arctic between June and September. Outside this part of the year, the weather can be extreme and visibility tends to be limited. The days are long and the weather mild enough for your experience to be a fulfilling one if you visit in the high summer. The ships are able to travel further north during these months, enabling you to visit the Spitsbergen region or perhaps even get up to the North Pole.

During the summer months, temperatures are usually above freezing – indeed, even double-figure temperatures are not out of the question. You shouldn’t need extreme-weather clothing in the summer, although it’s worth remembering that some people find it harder to cope with low temperatures than others.

You should also consider investing in a good camera in order to get high-quality shots while exploring the Arctic. Carrying a spare battery with you is a very good idea and will help you to avoid being caught short when you are most in the mood to start snapping away.

You will need good quality sunglasses in the Arctic due to the sheer brightness of this environment, with high-factor sun cream also a must on account of the UV light and clear air. Binoculars and pen knifes can prove to be worth their weight in gold, too.

Of course, you are welcome to get in touch with our expert team at any point if you do have any queries about what to take and how to stay comfortable during your adventure. We are more than happy to use our knowledge and experience to benefit you, and are passionate about helping you make your trip a success.

Why not talk to WILDFOOT today if you are keen to secure a booking and prepare yourself for a trip quite unlike any that you will have embarked on before – or will ever embark on again?

Get even closer to the action with a Galapagos camping experience

Are you looking for the adventure of a lifetime? If so, we are certainly specialists in such a thing here at Wildfoot Travel. Although we are renowned for the quality of our cruises, we can also help if you are interested in embarking upon a Galapagos camping experience. Let’s take a look at what you will have lined up if you opt for a camping adventure on the Galapagos Islands.

Choose our nine-day camping adventure and you will be able to snorkel with sea lions, explore the islands via public speedboats and camp right in the centre of the action. This experience can include visits to the Giant Tortoise Breeding Centre and the Charles Darwin Research Station, as well as the epic Sierra Negra volcano. You will pay less than you might have expected for this week-long trip, and if you want to indulge in a vastly rewarding fact-finding mission, you won’t be left disappointed.

After arriving in Quito on the first day, you will spend days two and three flying to Baltra Island, transferring to Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz, where you will be able to explore the town at leisure, and then head off by speedboat to Floreana Island in the afternoon. You can then get yourself settled in the camp, where you can rent a kayak, swim or simply relax. Also included in this part of the trip is the opportunity to snorkel in Loberia and take in the majestic highlands.

On the fourth and fifth days, you will take a boat to Isabela Island and embark on visits to Flamingo Lagoon and the Tortoise Breeding Centre. You will also be able to hike the Sierra Negra Volcano for magnificent best views.

On days six and seven, you will transfer via speedboat back to Santa Cruz Island. You can pay a visit to Charles Darwin Station and walk to Tortuga Bay for kayaking, or just watch the marine iguanas coming in and out of the surf, visit the lava tunnels and stroll amongst giant tortoises. You will then be able to spend time in town with the group, bid farewell to the Galapagos Islands and fly back to Quito to enjoy a final night out.

Here at Wildfoot Travel, we pride ourselves on our unrivalled first-hand knowledge of all of the regions that we can guide you round. We are waiting to hear from you if you wish to embark on a thrilling Galapagos camping adventure, so why hesitate to embark on a trip that – for once – really does live up to the billing of ‘a journey of a lifetime’?