Experience the rare thrill of Antarctic scuba diving

Not many people are lucky enough to visit the awe-inspiring continent of Antarctica, and even fewer will ever be able to dive in its incredible waters. WILDFOOT’s Antarctic adventure cruises present you with the opportunity to become one of those precious few, diving at some of the most visually spectacular sites in the world alongside an experienced team of professionals.

Antarctica is one of the last remaining unspoilt wildernesses left in the world, and diving into its waters is like stepping into a completely unimagined environment. After you zip up your dry suit and strap on your gear, you will be slipping under the water to witness scenery that only a fraction of the global population has seen before you. Our experienced dive masters are ready to guide you through this jaw-dropping landscape.

The water itself is surprisingly clear and pure, providing the perfect visibility for observing the Antarctic shelf below sea level. Icebergs rear up above the surface, but it is only through submerging yourself that you can truly understand their colossal size, as the light that penetrates the water produces a mesmerising glow from these vast walls of ice.

Aside from the deep blue clarity of the water and the overwhelming grandeur of the icebergs, many divers are attracted by the abundance of sea life. You will be able to spot several varieties of Antarctic fish, as well as star fish, jelly fish and crabs, but one of the most exciting potential encounters is with the resident seals.

Fur and leopard seals are both native to the area, and are generally inquisitive creatures that will jump into the water if they see a boat approaching. They usually approach divers at speed, only to veer off just before they come into contact with them. They also enjoy mimicking behaviour, so you might just be able to interact with them by twisting and rolling. Penguins too jump off the ice and transform themselves from comical creatures waddling and hopping about to streamlined masters of the water, darting swiftly around.

Our scuba diving adventures are only available for a limited number of people from a limited number of departures, and can be included as part of either a bespoke or tailor made package. Diving these pristine waters is an experience that you will carry with you forever, so why not contact us today for more information about incorporating a diving experience into one of our Antarctic adventure cruises?