John Beatty Leads The Way To A New World Of Adventure

In an exciting new development at Wildfoot Travel, we’ve teamed up with top photographer John Beatty, to bring you a new kind of adventure travel experience.

John is a highly accomplished professional photographer and public speaker with a life-long passion for adventure travel and wildlife. For thirty years, John has traveled to remotest corners of the world, taking stunning photographs and gathering jaw dropping stories along the way.

From the biting cold of Antarctica to the searing heat of the Kalahari, John has documented the fascinating people and beautiful wildlife in many of the most isolated locations on the planet.

With a particular passion for dramatic landscapes, carved and shaped by the hand of time, John is drawn to wild places and the ferocious extremes mother nature creates there. Places  and conditions most would go out of their way to avoid.

In the coming year, working with Wildfoot Travel, John will be leading a series of small groups on bespoke adventures to some of his favourite photographic locations round the world.

With each trip’s itinerary carefully designed by John himself, to maximise the richness of the adventure, they will use handpicked accommodation and methods of travel to ensure every moment of the trip adds to the experience.  This ambitious series of adventures will launch with a trip to experience the hidden gems of the Grand Canyon, already in planning for September 2021.

Each one of these is the trip of a lifetime and an unrivalled opportunity to further your knowledge and experience. Which is precisely why they will be highly sought after.

So this is your chance to be among the first few to find out about each new adventure as soon it is added to John’s list.

If you would like to receive details of these unique wildlife-travel adventures the moment they are released, contact e-mail Simon Rowland on [email protected] or call Simon on 0800 195 3385 and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as each special event is launched.

Copyright: John Beatty