Top Tips For Environmentally Considerate Adventures

The dilemma we all currently face is that of our personal environmental impact when traveling.

Staying at home and going nowhere is the radical and obvious solution. But for most of us that is an extreme and unrealistic expectation. We’re only here once and we’d like to see as much of the word as we can, while we are here. 

So, assuming we continue to explore, how can we what steps can we take as individuals to reduce our impact and ensure there are as many beautiful places and species for future generations to enjoy? 

Traveling is an opportunity to learn more about our environment, conservation and wildlife protection and to deliver important messages from remote areas. Messages which can help raise awareness, support and funds to help protect and sustain these beautiful, places and their wildlife.

Here are just a few suggestions to help you reduce your personal impact on your adventures

Choose Your Airline Carefully

Make your choice of airline a deliberate and considered one. A little online research will give you a very good idea which ones are leading the way in environmentally sustainable travel.

Fly Direct

Fly direct where possible instead of connecting indirect services which far less efficient.

Although it is rarely the least expensive way to do things, Flying direct reduces your impact in many ways.

Stay A little longer.

Travel for a longer duration when traveling long haul, instead of flying more times.

Stay in the right places.

Choose environmentally friendly lodges and accommodation which are fully or at least partially sustainable. 

Community Spirit

Make sure the accommodation you choose, is either run by the local community, or that it embraces and employs the local community. 

Choose Adventures That Help

Chose adventures which have a positive impact on wildlife and local cultural population.

Research your trips carefully, and those who run them. Support those who show along term commitment to the environment and wildlife.

Show Your Support While You Are Away 

Choose to support conservation and enviro-friendly projects during your stay. Re-wilding ventures, community projects, conservation movements and other schemes which support local wildlife and conservation.

Show Your Support While After You Return 

Support conservation and enviro-friendly projects after you return home. Small donations, multiplied by many people can have a huge impact. 

At Wildfoot Travel our team are always happy to chat to you and offer their specialist help and first-hand expertise on environmental and sustainable choices.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you