Our driver today, Friday, was Nobby Clarke, who is something of a local legend, a larger than life character full do stories. He took us off in his big Land Cruiser with oversize wheels off to Volunteer Point. It was just over an hour on the made up road through snowy countryside and then the last 10 miles was across open country, with barely a track in site – very bumpy but great fun. Volunteer Point is where the largest colony of King Penguins on the island lives and it was super just sitting and walking amongst them with their head waiter appearance and antics and their big, fluffy brown chicks. There were also lots of gentoos and Magellenics around. I went down on to the log sandy beach to watch groups of kings wandering along the water’s edge and then this wild squall blew in with the snow flying horizontally. Much more appropriate seeing penguins in the snow, rather than on the green field behind!

Back to Stanley, with a different perspective on the war, seeing the hills of Longden, Tumbledown, Harriet, etc. from a different angle – the same the marines had, except that they did all the last but at the dead of night! Also drove past the distinctive stone runs -unique remnants of the receding ice, thousands of years age. Drinks in the Victory, where we caught up with one of the locals who had been with us on Carcass, then to Shorty’s Diner for a meal, a drink in the Globe and then back to our hotel for nightcaps with another couple who had been with us on Sea Lion. We’ve made lots of friends here!

This morning, Saturday, we have been down to the new museum where we also bumped into Peter and Ranjit, a couple we have been with lots over the week. Some souvenir shopping and we are of to the airport soon.

So, goodbye from the Falklands, it’s been brilliant!