Arctic Moose

The Arctic moose is hard to miss, particularly in Canadian, Alaskan, Scandinavian and Russian territories. Check out these fun facts about Rudolph’s cousins:

Facts about Arctic Moose

1.       Moose are the largest species of deer, the average adult standing between 4.6 and 6.9ft high.

2.       A mature male moose is called a bull, the female a cow. Original.

3.       In Great Britain a moose is called an “elk”. However, throughout the rest of the world the elk is a completely different species.

4.       Despite their size, meese are herbivorous and typically munch on shrubs, pinecones, mosses and twigs. It takes a lot of twigs to keep an animal that size working, so the majority of its time is spent eating as it requires a whopping 44 pounds of food per day!

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5.       The word “moose” comes from the Algonquin language meaning “twig eater”.

6.       The bull is recognizable by its huge antlers, which he sheds once a year in order to conserve energy for the winter. The antlers are one of the fastest growing organs of any animal and begin growing at a rate of one inch per day in spring. The largest recorded spanned almost 7ft across. Much like pruning a rose bush, each year the antlers grow bigger.

7.       As well as antlers, the moose is immediately recognizable by its long face and a muzzle dangling below its chin. This flap of skin is known as a bell and sways beneath the moose’s throat. Kind of like a four-legged chicken.

8.       Its most common predators are bears, wolves and humans.

9.       Over short distances meese can run up to 35mph, or trot at a leisurely pace of 20mph.

10.   Unlike other deer species the moose is a solitary animal and doesn’t form herds.

11.   However, the bulls may come together around the mating season of September/October and battle with their antlers for desirable females.

12.   The bulls produce heavy grunting sounds, whilst females wail. Much like us.

13.   After mating the two sexes will go their separate ways. Though they may feed in the same grounds occasionally, the two will largely ignore each other. Charming.

14.   The bull won’t be crying into his ice cream, though. Males are polygamous and will have moved onto the next lady before she can send an ‘I SHOULDN’T HAVE LET YOU GO’ text.

15.   A newborn calf’s fur is a reddish colour and it can outrun a human within five days!


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