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Disko Bay Exploration – Ice, whales & mountains  - 8 days

Disko Bay Exploration

June Only | 7 Nights

The Disko Bay area is known for its diverse and astonishing landscape, including unique geological formations, deep fjords, springs and caves, magnifi...

Disko Bay to Uummannaq  - 10 Days

Disko Bay to Uummannaq

June to July | 9 Nights

Experience a life-affirming adventure with the beautiful 12-passenger ship M/S Balto! We begin our voyage by exploring the Disko Bay area, known for i...

The Great Greenland Adventure - 27 days

The Great Greenland Adventure

July Only | 26 Nights

As we travel from Ilulissat in West Greenland to Scoresby Sound in East Greenland, we get to experience one of the world’s most epic sea voyages, a li...

SPECIAL OFFER Spitsbergen & East Greenland to Iceland 14 days

Spitsbergen & East Greenland to Iceland

August to September | 13 Nights

Join this fantastic Arctic cruise and visit three Arctic islands in one voyage. Your journey will start in Spitsbergen, the largest island in the Sval...

Spitsbergen & North East Greenland 14 days

Spitsbergen & North East Greenland

August to September | 13 Nights

This fantastic Arctic itinerary offers the best of both worlds with time spent along the beautiful west coast of Spitsbergen, with great chances of po...

Spitsbergen, Northeast Greenland, Jan Mayen 14 days

Spitsbergen & North East Greenland

August Only | 13 Nights

This special Arctic Odyssey is a once in a lifetime opportunity to sail from Spitsbergen to Northeast Greenland, Jan Mayen and back to Spitsbergen in ...

Northeast Greenland – Scoresby Sound in Depth - 10 days

Northeast Greenland – Scoresby Sound in Depth

August Only | 9 Nights

Join us on the elegant 12-passenger ship M/S Balto on a true expedition cruise to Northeast Greenland, one of the last unspoiled wildernesses in the w...

SPECIAL OFFER Northeast Greenland - Northern Lights 11 Days

Northeast Greenland - Northern Lights

August to September | 10 Nights

This fantastic expedition to Northeast Greenland grants you the unmissable chance to discover the Arctic under the ethereal glow of the Northern Light...

SPECIAL OFFER Greenland Explorer: By Air, Land & Sea 11 Days

Greenland Explorer: By Air, Land & Sea

September Only | 10 Nights

Step aboard the state-of-the-art Polar vessel Ultramarine for this totally unique adventure designed to fully immerse you in the wonders of South Gree...

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