Emporer Penguins The Pecking Order Of Penguins

  Who doesn’t love penguins? These beautiful, fascinating, intelligent, hilarious creatures are as graceful in the water as they are clumsy on land. There is simply so much to watch […]

Gough Island Gough Island

Often compared to Jurassic Park by its few lucky visitors, Gough Island is a remote, uninhabited island in the Tristan da Cunha archipelago, in the South Atlantic, more than 1,500 […]

The Hookpod Albatross An Update On Hookpod

  We spoke to our old friend Steve Hunter at Hookpod recently. As Operations Officer at Hookpod, Steve took the time to give us an update on the charity’s  achievements […]

sea kayaking Kayaking in Antarctica

Wildfoot Travel Expert Debbie Grainger has another trip to Antarctica fixed firmly in her sights. In preparation for her next polar expedition, Debbie decided to brush up her kayaking skills, […]

wildlife cameraman doug allan An Evening With Doug Allan

‘Wildlife cameramen don’t come much more special than Doug Allan’’ – Sir David Attenborough Join multi-award winning wildlife cameraman Doug Allan for an evening of behind the scenes stories for […]

Tiger in India Great Indian Bustard & Tiger Conservation In India

Wildfoot Ambassador and long-term friend, Harsh Vardhan is a pioneering Indian conservationist and wildlife expert. For many years now Harsh has been working tirelessly to further the conservation and protection […]

A mobile safari Camp in Botswana Mobile Safaris – Camping or Glamping?

Wildfoot Travel Advisor Debbie Grainger took a trip to Botswana recently, sleeping under the stars on a mobile safari. Here, Debbie gives us a first hand account of this remarkable […]

Painted Wolves Article From Africa Travel

Introducing Nick Dyer who co-founded the Painted Wolf Foundation to highlight and raise awareness of the plight of Wild Dogs across Africa. Here is a story  Nick wrote for Travel […]

Whale Breaching In Antarctica The End of The World… It isn’t so bad

  Wildfoot Travel’s Polar travel expert Zoe Savage-Morton climbed aboard The RCGS Resolute recently on a wildlife expedition cruise bound for Antarctica . Here she gives us a first hand […]

How many Elephants How Many Elephants

  World record adventurer and Everest Summiteer, Holly Budge, has two world records under her belt, including being the first woman to skydive Everest and on another occasion, race semi-wild […]

Self Drive in Namibia Self Driving in Namibia

Wildfoot Travel’s Simon Rowland took a self-drive trip through Namibia recently. Here we gives us his first hand advice on how to organise your own self-drive adventure along with some […]

Best Travel Apps Six Of The Best Travel Apps

The range of apps on offer these days is endless, with every one claiming to simplify your life and solve your every day problems. In reality, the result is often […]

Ten great Reasons To Visit Namibia Ten Great Reasons To Visit Namibia

Namibia is one of Africa’s hidden Gems. With a newly developing tourism industry, there is just so much to see and do in this unspoiled natural wildreness. In this short […]

Square Rigged In The Galapagos Square Rigged Sailing In The Galapagos

  The S/S Mary Anne is an elegant sailing ship. At 216 feet from stern to bow, with over 1000 square meters of square-rigged canvas at her disposal, the Mary […]

Hebridean Sky The Whale Science Voyage

  As the Antarctic summer comes to a close in March, migratory species like the Humpback are very active, socializing and feeding in preparation for the long journey ahead, while […]

whale spotting drake passage What is a Baleen Whale?

Baleen whales have baleen plates instead of teeth which they use to collect shrimp-like krill, plankton and small fish from the sea. These bristly plates, made from the same protein […]

Haylet- Polar Latitudes An Interview With Hayley Shephard

Hayley Shephard is Director of Expedition Operations at Polar Latitudes,  a polar expedition company that provides travelers to Antarctica with a “best in class” experience by working with the  best […]

jamie-mcpherson-binoculars Jamie McPherson On Leica Binoculars

  Jamie McPherson is a wildlife documentary cameraman, producer and director and has worked on may landmark series and films including The Hunt, Planet Earth and most recently Netflix’ Our […]

How Many Elephants Raising Awareness Of The African Elephant Crisis

African Bush Camps Partners With ‘How Many Elephants’ To Raise Awareness Of The African Elephant Crisis African Bush Camps has joined forces with How Many Elephants to support their annual […]

Okavango Guiding School

Are you looking for a little more adventure than your average safari, wanting to learn life changing skills or gainer a deeper understanding of the African Bush? If any of […]

Travel Photographer Of The Year Travel Photographer Of The Year

In 2003 when photographer Chris Coe and his wife and business partner Karen decided to set up a travel photography competition they could not have predicted that within just a […]

Walking Poles Reviewed Leki Corklite Trekking Poles

Every month Wildfoot Travel’s Dave Cheetham reviews a piece of travel gear. From walking boots to talking books, the gear may vary, but the honest and forthright option remains. This month Dave […]

Green Sea Turtle Meet The Galapagos’ Professor Reptile

Alejandro Arteaga is an Ecuadorian-Venezuelan biologist and wildlife photographer. He is the scientific director of Tropical Herping, an institution he co-founded in 2009 to preserve tropical reptiles and amphibians through […]

Craghoppers Kiwi Trousers Craghoppers Kiwi Trousers

The Craghoppers Kiwi trouser is a great piece of kit for any discerning traveller. And Craghoppers has now made it even easier to find your perfect pair. By answering a […]

Cheetah Cheetah at Okonjima

  An update on the AfriCat’s Cheetah Rehabilitation programme – the story so far…. The AfriCat Foundation developed on a cattle farm in Namibia called Okonjima in the early 1990’s, […]

Gorillas in Uganda In Search Of Primates

Edward Moores joined us on a trip to Uganda recently. Here he tells the tale of his adventures in this natural wildlife-wonderland. In January this year we travelled to Uganda […]

Lomo 30L Drybag Lomo 30 Litre Waterproof Dry Bag

  Each month Wildfoot Travel’s Dave Cheetham puts a piece of travel related equipment to the test. From balaclavas to bags and gloves to gilets, the gear may change, but the truthful […]

Lorpen T3+ Expedition Trekking Socks Review Lorpen T3+ Expedition Trekking Socks

Each month Wildfoot Travel’s Dave Cheetham reviews a piece of travel gear. From clothing to cameras and tripods to text books, the product-in-focus may vary, but the forthright honesty remains […]

Dinner At Camp Mashatu Botswana My Mashatu Experience

Mary Coulson, photographer and long term friend of Wildfoot Travel has just come back from Tuli in Botswana, The Mashatu Game Reserve and in particular the incredible Mashatu Lodge which is […]