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Packed with useful information, top tips and general musings about all things wildlife and adventure holiday related. Our team of adventure enthusiasts have visited some of the world's most intriguing locations and this blog gives us the chance to share our findings.

What to Pack for an Antarctica Cruise

Heading to the Antarctic for your once in a lifetime cruise? Wondering what on earth you need to take? Then read on, because we have you covered. And the good news is that you probably don’t need as much as you thought!

Adventures on an Antarctica Cruise: Greg Mortimer

Here we introduce the ultimate Antarctica cruise: Greg Mortimer. The design and innovation that went into creating this ship was all focussed on the passenger experience. If combining adventure travel with unbeatable wildlife spotting opportunities is what you want from your holiday, then an Antarctica cruise, Greg Mortimer style, could be for you.

Promoting Sustainable Animal Welfare Practices

Michael Gardiner, Strategic Partnerships Manager at Wildfoot Travel explains how you can decide whether an animal attraction or experience is operating in an ethical and responsible manner. As a travel provider, at Wildfoot Travel we have a duty to enlighten and educate our clients. To help them understand the importance of supporting and encouraging fair animal […]

Grand Canyon Find Out More About The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the seven natural wonders of the world It is 277 miles long and, at its widest, 18 miles across. At its narrowest point, the canyon is around 550 metres across It is NOT the deepest or longest canyon in the world. The Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon in Tibet plummets to a […]

Gay Walker’s African Odyssey

Wildfoot Travel Ambassador Gay Walker took a long awaited trip to Africa recently, bound initially for the stunning Safari destination of Camp Moremi.Here, in our latest ‘Traveller’s Tale’, Gay give us a first hand account of her adventure along with some stunning photographs. Thank you again for putting together a trip to Africa that was […]