Reflecting on a magical day at Orne Harbour

The ninth day of our senior travel advisor’s trip to Antarctica involved a spot of ‘penguin gliding’ and ‘polar plunging’, in calmer conditions than one might expect from educational cruise […]

Experiencing the magnificence of Brown Bluff

Could our senior travel adviser’s latest trip to the Antarctic become any more spellbinding? It certainly could, with their visit to the astonishing site of Brown Bluff on day seven […]

Another voyage begins to astonishing Antarctica

Here at WILDFOOT, we are proud to be able to offer unforgettable, tailor-made and surprisingly affordable Antarctic expedition vacations. Here, we document the beginning of the latest journey to this […]

Wrapping up an Arctic excursion…

Despite having recently left the Russian archipelago Franz Josef Land, John found an intriguing remnant of Russian history during his visit to Svalbard. Here is more about what he encountered…

Norway’s Svalbard Archipelago Cruise

In John’s previous report of his recent Arctic adventure, he focused on a visit to Norway’s Svalbard archipelago. In this update, he tells us more about what he got up to there.

Happy New Year!

Hi there folks I hope that this, my latest Blog for Wildfoot Travel, finds you all like myself – well, thoroughly recovered from the festive season, rested, refreshed and looking forward to a new and hopefully exciting fun-packed, adventure-filled year ahead of us!

Volcano hiking and exciting diving

I have to say that another captivating moment was watching a small pod of orcas hunting off Fernandina’s coastline. One orca attempted to snatch a sea lion from the rocky coastline only a few metres from where we were stood…

Indian Adventure 16

Simon from WILDFOOT enjoyed a wildlife adventure in India earlier this year and kept a diary of his travels throughout the summer…

Indian Adventure 15

Today, Simon spends another day in the Kaziranga National Park and spots over 50 species of wild bird…

Indian Adventure 14

Simon from WILDFOOT spent part of his summer enjoying an Indian wildlife special holiday, Today, Simon travels to Guwahati and takes in the sights of the Kaziranga National Park.

Indian Adventure 13

WILDFOOT’s Simon spent time on an Indian wildlife adventure earlier this year and documented his journey for you to peruse on the WILDFOOT blog. Today, Simon travels to the Tiger […]

Indian Adventure 12

Simon from WILDFOOT enjoyed an Indian wildlife adventure this summer and documented his travels for you to peruse on the WILDFOOT blog. Today, Simon spots a tiger in the Ranthambore […]

Indian Adventure 11

This year, WILDFOOT’s Simon spent time in India, documenting his wildlife journey throughout. We are serialising Simon’s travels on the WILDFOOT blog. In his latest update, Simon arrives at Ranthambore […]

Indian Adventure 10

Simon from WILDFOOT spent his summer taking part in an Indian wildlife holiday. Throughout his journey, he recorded his highlights for you to peruse on the WILDFOOT blog. In this […]

Close Encounters Of The Furry Kind

WILDFOOT has partnered with the renowned wildlife artist Kerry Newell, who has travelled the globe capturing breathtaking images of wildlife, from tigers and wolves to whales and hummingbirds, before bringing […]

Indian Adventure 9

This year, WILDFOOT’s Simon took part in an Indian adventure. He documented his journey throughout for you to read on the WILDFOOT blog. In his latest update, Simon spends the […]

Indian Adventure 8

Simon from WILDFOOT spent his summer enjoying a trip across India. He recorded his travels to give you an understanding of Indian culture, and we are serialising his adventure in […]