Thursday, our penultimate day in the Falklands. Our flight this morning is not until 1130, so up for the best breakfast yet, with a massive goose egg on the plate – taken from just outside the buildings from one of the thousands of upland goose nests – delicious, thank you Mr & Mrs Goose and Gander! There was a flurry of snow just before we walked out and we could see a covering on the hills on the distant mainland. Definitely cooler today. Went out for about an hour and a half, walking along the cliffs just enjoying all the bird life. There is a massive king cormorant colony and then another rockhopper one and all the time, flying around, skuas, petrels and sheathbills. Sat for ages on the edge of the penguin rookery, just watching their antics and nest building, unlike the gentoos who have already laid eggs. Some of them just don’t care where they get their nest material from, just casually ambling up to another nest and stealing a beak full of straw – quite comic and very David Attenborough. Strange to feel that we were the only people on the island apart from Elaine and Robert, who look after the house and the animals. Back to the house for a cup of tea and off to the airstrip and goodbye to our hosts.