Walking Poles Reviewed Leki Corklite Trekking Poles

Dave Cheetham Wildfoot TravelEvery month Wildfoot Travel’s Dave Cheetham reviews a piece of travel gear. From walking boots to talking books, the gear may vary, but the honest and forthright option remains. This month Dave reviews a pair of lightweight trekking poles.

Leki Walking Pole
There are many good reasons to invest in walking poles. Apart from improving balance, stability and traction, the major benefit they offer is reduced wear and tear on your knees, back and hips. On a long walk or a holiday, where you find yourself walking day after day, they are absolutely invaluable.
Leki have been making walking poles since their very beginning. As the company that launched the very first pair of walking poles many years ago, they can rightfully claim to know what they are talking about. Today, they are still one of the market leaders and have a well recognised eco-friendly ethos, so they were the obvious choice for me.
I recently invested in a pair of Anti-Shock Leki Corklite walking poles at a cost of £45.00 and set off to put them to the test.
These poles are lightweight and very well constructed. They are easy to adjust in two places using an external clip which is neat and more compact than most of the other poles I looked at. The poles also have an internal anti-shock mechanism which helps to reduce the impact from walking on hard ground. The ergonomic grips are really comfortable and the straps have a very neat adjustment system that allows you to re-size them if you are wearing thicker gloves – or no gloves at all.
In summary, these poles are light, but not all flimsy. They feel very durable indeed and as well as being comfortable to hold and offer excellent adjustability.

The ideal poles to carry on a walking safari