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SPECIAL OFFER Northwest Passage 17 Days

Northwest Passage

July to September | 16 Nights

Join an experienced expedition team of history, wildlife and Arctic experts as you sail through the fabled Northwest Passage on this epic voyage of di...

Canadian Arctic Watch - Beluga Whale Photography 10 days

Canadian Arctic Watch - Beluga Whales

July Only | 9 Nights

embark to photograph one of the most unique beluga congregations on earth - two thousand whales every season in the shallow waters of Cunningham Inle...

Luxury Greenland & Arctic Canada

Greenland & Arctic Canada

July Only | 17 Nights

Adventure grips and never lets go on this Arctic expedition of icy extremes. Conquer Iceland’s lava-clad lands before seeking the sky-scraping mountai...

Luxury Arctic Canada & Greenland

Luxury Arctic Canada & Greenland

July Only | 15 Nights

Expand your horizons with a thrilling Arctic Circle adventure among Canada’s ice-adapted wildlife, wonderful islands and far-flung cultures. Travel at...

Greenland's Far North in Luxury

Greenland's Far North in Luxury

July to August | 12 Nights

Dare to adventure to the top of the world, on a mission to tame wild Greenland. Explorers have long been drawn to this huge, remote and untouched isla...

West Greenland & Baffin Island in Luxury 14 days

Luxury West Greenland & Baffin Island

July Only | 13 Nights

Set sail to Baffin Bay in the company of experienced guides and naturalists to discover unspoiled regions that are located well inside the Arctic Circ...

SPECIAL OFFER Northwest Passage - In the Footsteps of Franklin 17 days

Northwest Passage - In Franklin's Footsteps

August Only | 16 Nights

This immersive and unforgettable itinerary will take you through the maze-like, icy channels of the legendary Northwest Passage on a voyage of discove...

The Northwest Passage in Luxury 25 Days

The Northwest Passage in Luxury

August to September | 24 Nights

Join us on an epic journey through the labyrinth of icy channels that make up the mythical Northwest Passage. On this exciting voyage of discovery, yo...

SPECIAL OFFER Canada's Remote Arctic - With Helicopters - 12 Days

Canada's Remote Arctic

August to September | 11 Nights

This exciting itinerary will take you to the top of the world to discover the unique natural wonders that abound here. Thrilling helicopter flights, Z...

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