Land Based Options

Land Based Options

Land Based Arctic Adventures

For those who want a more in-depth Arctic experience, WILDFOOT offer a range of both Summer and Winter adventures north of the Arctic Circle in the beautiful and pristine island of Spitsbergen in the Svalbard Peninsula.

We also have unique summer adventures at an exclusive lodge in Canada’s High Arctic.

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Summer Adventures in the Arctic

In Canada, we have a Summer wilderness lodge, 500 miles into the high Arctic with hiking, kayaking, Unimog driving and unrivalled beluga whale observation. Fly in to this remote area, open only in the summer for a unique Arctic experience.

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Winter Adventures in the Arctic

In the short days of winter and into springtime, Wildfoot offer snowmobiling and dog-sledding adventures in the pristine white landscapes of Spitsbergen, staying at a remote wilderness lodge and in the summer we add kayaking and trekking. see the beauty, hear the silence and feel the isolation of this true Arctic wilderness, where Arctic wildlife lives and roams amongst spectacular fjords, icebergs and some of the most majestic scenery known to man. Summer itineraries can be added to one of our small-ship expedition cruises for a complete Svalbard expedience.

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What Our Customers

Ann Macleod, Scotland Peggy & Thomas, Belgium John Cope, Somerset Ian Bradshaw, Isle of Man Molly Quackenbush, Virginia USA David Earnshaw, Lancashire Barry Solomon, Israel James Sutton, London Graham Jones, Devon
Superlatives abound – a truly amazing experience...awesome. Thanks to all for making it such a memorable experience.
We had the time of our lives on board ship...if anybody wants to go to Antarctica, we will certainly advise to go with you.
The best way to describe the entire experience. 1. Top rate service...we would not hesitate to recommend you to others and use you again.
Thank you and your team for arranging what was a fantastic holiday in Argentina...Iguazu falls was exceptional with our guide knowing an awful lot about the falls and the wildlife. Could go on forever, but had better stop.
I’m sure you get plenty of compliments, but I just wanted to follow up by telling you what a great time we had...If we are planning on one of the other regions you serve, we’ll definitely be in touch!
I wanted to drop you a note to say a big “THANK YOU” for all your organizing of my travel arrangements and the holiday itself. Everything flowed perfectly. The holiday was breath-taking and is hard to express in words...
It was even better than I expected, so I am grateful that you made the call (back). I will certainly recommend your services
Thanks again for helping me select the best trip and for all your help with the admin and my questions along the way, it all made for an even better experience.
Thank you for all your help. Great service, very efficient, flexible...We feel looked after when setting off into the unknown. I feel it is my duty to tell fellow travellers and birders/photographers how good you are!

Arctic Adventures Activities

Each of our Arctic adventures offers something special in the form of exciting activities that put you right in the heart of the Arctic wilderness. Activities on offer include snowmobiling, kayaking through the Arctic waters, mountain hiking and dog sledding with Alaskan huskies and all activities are carried out with the guidance of experienced and skilled leaders.

Many of the accommodations included in our Arctic adventures are only accessible via snowmobile, dog sled or kayak but these activities are not just a form of getting from A to B. There are very few experiences comparable to snowmobiling through the Arctic with the only sound being the murmur of your engine as you glide through the wilderness, paddling past an imposing ice blue glacier or guiding your own team of Alaskan Huskies through the snow.

You will have the opportunity to sled, paddle or snowmobile to interesting towns and settlements throughout Spitsbergen and with hikes through the mountains and specially adapted walking routes you will have the chance to see almost every corner of this unique land.

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Arctic Adventure Accommodation

Accommodation is included on all of our overnight Arctic adventures and the quality of hospitality on offer is exceptional. Offering once in a lifetime experiences, each lodge or hotel offers something unique and these basecamps are fundamental to adding to the thrilling experience of an Arctic trip. From sleeping aboard a ship frozen in ice to the boutique luxury of the remote Isfjord Radio lodge every night spent on our Arctic adventures is filled with warm hospitality, delicious meals and comfortable beds to enable you to get a good night’s sleep before the adventures that lie ahead on the next day of your ultimate Arctic experience.

Members of The Adventure Travel Trade Association

WILDFOOT are proud to be members of ATTA. The ATTA community put effort towards nurturing, protecting and professionalizing the sustainable development of the adventure travel industry.