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Spitsbergen Snowmobile Safari 5 days

Spitsbergen Snowmobile Safari

January to May | 4 Nights

This Snowmobile Safari is a three day long snowmobile trip with accommodation at the Spitsbergen Expedition Lodge. The Lodge has capacity for upto 10 ...

Spitsbergen Dog-Sledding Expedition 5 days

Spitsbergen Dog-Sledding

February to May | 4 Nights

Mush your way to Spitsbergen Expedition Lodge in Brentskaret. You'll visit a beautiful ice cave, and spend a night in our cosy Foxdalen cabin on the w...

Spitsbergen Kayak Expedition 8 days LIMITED SPACE!

Spitsbergen Kayak Expedition

June Only | 7 Nights

This six day long journey on the island’s largest fjord, Isfjorden, travels along the remote north-western coast with its many inlets and seven mighty...

Magic of the Arctic Boat Safari 3 Days

Magic of the Arctic Boat Safari

June to September | 2 Nights

Experience magnificent Arctic scenery up-close and join us on a summer adventure to beautiful Isfjord Radio at Cape Linnè. We will embark from Longyea...

Disko Bay to Uummannaq Voyage with Glacier Lodge Stay

Disko Bay to Uummannaq Voyage with Glacier Lodge Stay

June Only | 12 Nights

Jump into a totally unique adventure as you join this exciting itinerary that combines a thrilling expedition voyage through West Greenland’s spectacu...

Spitsbergen Off The Beaten Track Adventure 5 Days

Spitsbergen Off The Beaten Track Adventure

July to September | 4 Nights

Step into the Arctic wilderness on this unique adventure to Nordenskiöld glacier! Your journey starts with a boat safari, casting far away from Longye...

Canadian Arctic Watch - Beluga Whale Photography 10 days

Canadian Arctic Watch - Beluga Whales

July Only | 9 Nights

embark to photograph one of the most unique beluga congregations on earth - two thousand whales every season in the shallow waters of Cunningham Inle...

Spitsbergen Hiking Adventure 5 Days

Spitsbergen Hiking Adventure

August Only | 4 Nights

Experience summer in Spitsbergen on this 5 day hiking trip through the beautiful Nordenskiöld Land. Starting in Longyearbyen you will hike over the mo...

Canadian Arctic Watch - High Arctic Muskoxen & Polar Bear Photography 10 Days

Canadian Arctic Watch, Muskoxen & Polar Bears

August Only | 9 Nights

Early Autumn in the high Arctic - a unique time where polar bears await the return of winter ice and muskox battle for breeding rights. As the final t...

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