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For many visitors to the Falkland Islands the first thing they think of when asked to describe the area is the incredible feeling of being in one of the world's most amazing natural wonderlands.

One of the Falkland Islands' main attractions is the opportunity to witness some of the world's most interesting wildlife in their natural habitats.

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Michael Gardiner
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Birds & Mammals

From the Falklands Flightless Steamer Duck, a short winged bird endemic to the Falklands, to elephant seals and killer whales, the Falkland Islands are without doubt one of the best places to see some of the rarest and most intriguing wildlife in the world.

Of course one of the biggest attractions of them all is the penguins. Universally adored, penguins are a prominent feature throughout the Islands and with five species of penguins residing here, a trip to the Falklands offers the ultimate in penguin watching. Large colonies of gentoo and king penguins can be seen all year round, including fluffy, cute king penguin chicks, whilst Magellanic, Macaroni and Rockhopper penguins are around throughout most of the summer months.

Click below to view a PDF showing a full list of birds and mammals that can be found and seen on and around the Falkland Islands.

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On top of the incredible array of wildlife on view is the stunning scenery which awaits visitors to the islands. There are 417 different species of flora evident on the islands, including six which are globally threatened, and with species to be seen such as the Dog Orchard and the Vanilla Daisy walks through the islands are a nature lover's delight.

From tiny settlements to glorious white sandy beaches and spectacular cliffs even the most hardened traveller would find it hard to not be blown away by the sights waiting around every corner.

Click below to view a PDF showing a full list of flowers and plants that can be found and seen on and around the Falkland Islands.

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