Wildlife of Namibia

Namibia is a country which has dedicated itself to wildlife conservation. There are 11 national parks spread across the country and a number of other conservation areas. 676 bird species have been recorded in Namibia, of which over 90 are endemic to Southern Africa and 13 to Namibia itself.

There are also 217 species of mammals, 26 of which are endemic. These include unique desert-adapted rhino and elephants. The country is also home to the AfriCat Foundation, an organisation dedicated to the conservation of cheetahs and other big cats. The foundation’s centre can be visited at Okonjima on the way to or from Etosha.

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Desert Adapted Wildlife

Namibia is a land where a number of remarkable African species have adapted themselves to the very specific climatic conditions of their environment including elephants, rhinos and lions.

Click through to our desert adapted section to find out more or chat to us about the options available to you for witnessing these wonderful animals up close.

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Namibia is a paradise for birding enthusiasts. With habitats ranging from the dunes of the Namib, coastal wetlands and vast areas of savannah to the floodplains and waterways of Kavango and Caprivi, Namibia's birding checklist boasts 676 of Southern Africa's 887 species. In the lush Caprivi Strip, you'll find exotic lilac-breast rollers, pygmy geese and African Jacanas. The pans of the Etosha National Park are a seasonal breeding ground for flamingos and home to 35 different species of raptors, including the lappet faced and hooded vultures.

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Other Wildlife

Along with a plethora of bird species and an abundance of land mammals there are many more creatures you can expect to find on your wildlife trip to Namibia, including multiple intriguing insects and reptiles.

Each time we visit we encounter something new...on a Namibia Safari you never know what magnificent animal is around the corner!

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