Wild Conversations #2

An Exclusive Interview with Legendary Cameraman Doug Allan

The second in a series of online interviews with the biggest names in wildlife, travel & conservation.
In this episode, Wildfoot Travel’s Dave Cheetham speaks to award-winning wildlife cameraman, photographer, author and public speaker Doug Allan.

Born in Fife, Doug Allan spent seven years in Antarctica as a Scientist, research diver and photographer for the British Antarctic Survey, before changing direction to full time freelance filming in 1983.

Since then he has become one of the world’s best known and respected cameramen, specialising in natural history, expeditions and science documentaries. In his 35 year filming career, he’s worked for the BBC, Discovery, National Geographic and many others, filming for series including The Blue Planet, Planet Earth, Human Planet, Frozen Planet, Ocean Giants, Operation Iceberg, Wild Cameramen at Work, and Forces of Nature with Brian Cox.