Where does Santa live?

We all know who Santa is despite never seeing him on the one night of the year he visits us. We’ve all been to his grotto at some point in our lives, and may have sat on his knee. But even though he’s one of the most famous people in the world, no-one knows where he really lives.

Best 2014 Santa Tracker App

From the North Pole to the warmth of your chimney, Santa Claus spends Christmas Eve in a mad dash of sleigh-driving and present-delivering. If you or your family get impatient waiting for him to draw closer to your neighbourhood, logging into one of the many Santa tracking apps could satisfy your curiosity! These great apps track Santa’s progression across the globe, so you can leave the milk and cookies out and make sure you’re snuggled up in bed by the time he reaches your home.

The Best GPS Kit for Extreme Condition Expeditions

We all know that technology has become so incredible that the phone in your pocket is basically a super-computer you can carry around with you. Make a call, browse the internet, watch movies, play games, and, of course, use it as a GPS if you’re lost on the streets of a town you’ve never visited before.

But there’s one thing you can’t do. You can’t very well pop out your smartphone to calculate your location when you’re in the middle of, say, the rain-forest, at the peak of Everest, or wandering the snowy banks of the Arctic. Not because those areas haven’t been mapped – thanks to those geniuses at NASA and beyond, pretty much the whole world is under satellite surveillance – but because of the extremely hostile environment.

If you’re going off-road, you’ll need a GPS device capable of handling intense weather and unforgiving landscapes. Here’s our top picks for the best GPS for extreme conditions.