Best 2014 Santa Tracker App

From the North Pole to the warmth of your chimney, Santa Claus spends Christmas Eve in a mad dash of sleigh-driving and present-delivering. If you or your family get impatient waiting for him to draw closer to your neighbourhood, logging into one of the many Santa tracking apps could satisfy your curiosity! These great apps track Santa’s progression across the globe, so you can leave the milk and cookies out and make sure you’re snuggled up in bed by the time he reaches your home.

NORAD – Official Santa Tracker

Best 2014 Santa Tracker App

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364 nights of the year, NORAD is responsible for defending North American Aerospace. This isn’t necessarily a job that you would immediately associate with Christmas! However, a simple mix up in the Christmas of 1955 saw groups of school children start calling them up for information about Santa Claus. 

Rather than disappoint, they decided that they might as well spend one night a year tracking his magical reindeer-drawn journey around the world. As well as a website which goes live on December 1st, they have an app that’s available on multiple phone platforms. This App is the original and remains one of the most popular Santa trackers out there, including information about the technology that enables their Santa tracking services, games and activities to keep the little ones busy while they wait and, of course, a map which allows Santa’s progress to be visualised.

Google Santa Tracker

Google Santa Tracker app

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The tech experts at Google have used their google maps service to help them offer a rival Santa tracking app. It isn’t as comprehensive as the NORAD app, but it’s certainly more colourful, full of bright shapes and charming doodles. Although Google has been tracking Santa Claus since 2004, it’s only in recent years that it’s added neat extra features, including an online advent calendar and a sleigh racing game. The Google Santa Tracker app is revamped every year, and 2014 is set to see it gain even more fun features.

Santa Update

Santa Update app

Photo courtesy of Santa Update

The work of might not be as flashy as that of google or NORAD, but it does have one very important benefit: its information comes directly from the North Pole. Their service is completely free, and they also have the distinction of being the only Santa tracking team on this list that operates all year round. That means you can find out what Santa’s up to in the months leading up to Christmas, and children can check out their exciting activities and ‘ask an elf’ sections whenever the Christmas spirit takes hold.

Unless you’re planning to set up a telescope in your back garden, these apps and websites are definitely the best options if you want to track Santa Claus this Christmas! Why not let us know how you get on in the comments?

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