Where does Santa live?

We all know who Santa is despite never seeing him on the one night of the year he visits us. We’ve all been to his grotto at some point in our lives, and may have sat on his knee. But even though he’s one of the most famous people in the world, no-one knows where he really lives.

There are rumours about his address of course. And the place usually bandied about the most is the North Pole. So could he live there? Probably not as the North Pole is really just a collection of ice caps in the sea and it would be difficult for him to have a home there or build his toy-making factory. Plus the reindeer he uses to pull his sleigh wouldn’t have anything to eat there.

Another popular suggestion is Lapland, where people have claimed to meet the man himself. Trips to visit Santa in Lapland are very popular and thousands of lucky children have done just that in recent years. And they seem pretty convinced the Santa they met was the genuine article as his reindeer and elves were also there.

Different countries have different places for Santa’s place of residence. In Norway, they believe he lives in the town of Drobak, while the Danes believe he lives somewhere in Greenland. There’s a town in Sweden called Mora which has a theme park in Santa’s honour as they believe he’s from there, and in Finland Santa is thought to live in Korvanunturi.

Some old legends even have Santa living in Turkey and the Canadians have tried to claim him as one of their own due to his supposed residence in the North Pole which they own parts of. They also claim his iconic red and white outfit mirrors the Canadian flag, and the county’s postal service receives more letters to the great man than any other. There’s even reports that satellite imagery every December 24th shows Santa’s journey starting in Canada.

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The truth is we don’t need to know where Santa lives. He needs to be allowed to get on with his vital work of making toys without anyone disturbing him. And as long as his letters are delivered every year and he know where you live, that’s all that matters. Now, time for bed children. His Elves are watching!

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