GALAPAGOS 2 – further extracts from John’s journal

Tuesday and woke to a beautiful morning, with blue skies and super views from the deck of my luxury tent at the Eco Safari Lodge. For the first time since I left home, I am in no hurry this morning and have no actual schedule, except to explore and enjoy at my own pace.

So, after breakfast, had a wander in the brush surrounding the camp, seeking out the many birds here – lots of types of finch especially. Then down into Puerto Ayora and off to Tortuga Bay. From where the road ends, it is about a 45 min walk, through cactus tree woods, with lots of birds and geckos, to the beach and then, well, it’s a bit like last week – you get so excited seeing your first penguins and then come across loads; today, it was the marine iguanas, so many around that you have to be careful walking up the beach and don’t mistake one for a strand of seaweed!

Very interesting though, particularly watching them come in and out of the surf. Later, went down to the harbour – lots of pelicans, frigate birds, Galapagos petrels and dark grey lava gulls – with every now and then, sea turtles popping up for air and seal lions too. Puerto Ayora is a buzzing little port and it’s hard to believe I am in the middle of the Pacific, it is so Spanish!

Delicious dinner of grilled whole local fish. Off to Plaza Island tomorrow for some land iguanas…