Antarctica Holidays

Antarctica Holidays

Cruise To Antarctica with the Antarctic Holiday Specialists

Set sail on an Antarctic cruise with Wildfoot Travel. Enjoy an Antarctica wildlife holiday in the last unspoilt wilderness on the planet. An Antarctic experience will be the trip of a lifetime for most people, so it is important to plan thoroughly, well in advance and to use the services of an expert company like Wildfoot Travel to plan your trip. Here  are two of the most important considerations when planning a cruise to Antarctica.

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A cruise to Antarctica will always be during the Southern Summer months when there is maximum daylight. Winter trips are only for scientists and other personnel. Tourists, even if they wanted to go on a cruise to Antarctica at that time of year, are actively discouraged. 

It is never hot in Antarctica but outside temperatures will be at their highest at the peak of the summer which in Antarctica is during December and January. This is not really a problem, though since all polar expedition cruise vessels provide adequate protective clothing and cold weather gear.

Travel at the start and end of the season may involve some restrictions on landings due to pack ice which make it  difficult for expedition cruise vessels to access certain areas or to get close enough inshore.

However, the summer month (December and January) often show Antarctica at it's most spectacular and a distinct advantage of the shorter days is the chance that you might witness the spectacular display of the Aurora Australis, an experience which would be a true Antarctic holiday highlight.

Bird watching and other wildlife viewing are also different at various times of the season. Penguins and seabirds mate and nest at certain times in Antarctica and the experience of a hatchery is not to be missed.

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Choice of ship

Your choice of cruise ship or expedition vessel determines the type of Antarctic holiday you will experience. The choice ranges from specially constructed expedition vessels with ice-strengthened hulls to luxury cruise liners with fine dining and nightly entertainment.

The expedition vessels carry only a few passengers and accommodation is often in shared cabins without private facilities. Food is simple and wholesome and entertainment, such as it is, is homespun. On these ships, you really get to know your fellow travellers and most form long-lasting friendships. As a result many deliberately choose an Antarctic expedition vessel over an luxury cruise liner, ensuring the intimacy and camaraderie of the expedition experience

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The Ultimate Antarctica Cruise Experience

This is the ultimate Antarctica holiday experience with maximum access to the ice, close contact with wildlife, sleepovers on the ice and trekking into the wilderness. Kayaking an even diving in the icy Antarctic waters are also possible.

At the other end of the scale of our holidays in Antarctica are cruise liners carrying over 1000 passengers which sail around the Antarctic peninsula taking in  superb scenery, whale watching an other wildlife viewing, but as these vessels are large and equipped differently, no landings.

For a combination of comfort, landings and other activities, choose a substantial vessel such as Minerva or even the luxurious Prince Albert, which is the latest five star addition to Silversea’s fleet, carrying no more than 158 passengers.

Whatever you choose, research it carefully before you decide. Choosing a cruise ship or expedition vessel is an extremely personal and subjective decision and one which will dramatically affect the way in which you see Antarctica. Why not chat to on of our Polar travel experts, who'll be happy to talk you through the pros an cons of each ship and hep you decide which one suits you best.
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