Antarctica Adventure Activities

Antarctica Adventure Activities

Looking for an Adventure?

For everybody, a trip to the Antarctic is an adventure; however, some itineraries are more adventurous than others. There are a many voyages for all who enjoy active adventures in the vast wilderness of Antarctica.

Our Antarctic adventure voyages have been specially designed with the active traveller in mind, offering some exciting optional activities.

Antarctic Adventures

Our Antarctic adventure voyages are ideal for those always on the move since all sailings offer an average of three shore landings per day whilst in the Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands. On board, the education programme covers a wide range of topics from identifying seabirds and other fauna and flora topics to the prospects for Antarctica itself. Wildlife viewing is integral to any Antarctica adventure with opportunities to get close to seals, penguins and a whole host of birdlife, including several varieties of penguin.

The optional Antarctic adventures on offer are camping, kayaking, cross-country skiing and mountain climbing. The choice of options differs by departure and vessel; all are available on a first come, first served basis. Camping ashore on the Antarctic ice is an unforgettable experience. All the equipment is provided for you (whether you choose to sleep in a tent or dig your own snow hole) and you bring along a sense of adventure. Sea-kayakers experience the polar waters at their most serene and tranquil and get remarkably close to the amazing wildlife and towering icebergs.

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Activity Options

Kayaking In Antarctica

Sea kayaking is an extraordinary way to experience Antarctica and is offered on certain expedition voyages, with as many as three kayak excursions a day.

Experience paddling your kayak along the shoreline of an Antarctic penguin rookery to drifting through icebergs in the middle of a bay, miles from land. Wherever you choose to paddle, you'll see Antarctica's wildlife form a completely different view point. Moving with stealth on your side you'll have a more intimate view of species like whales, seals, walrus, penguins and all kinds of birdlife.

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Scuba Diving & Snorkelling In Antarctica

Explore the magical underwater world of Antarctica with experienced Antarctica Scuba Diving Masters who guide you through a fantastic and largely unexplored paradise.

Dive around naturally sculpted icebergs, encounter rich marine life from soft corals and fish to marine mammals, and experience the underwater sounds of the frozen continent.

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Camping In Antarctica

If you really want to experience the wonder of Antarctica first hand, why not try an Antarctic Camping Excursion?

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Photographic Opportunities & Zodiac Landings In Antarctica

Come with WILDFOOT and emulate the great Antarctic explorers by joining the select few who are privileged to have set foot on, or even seen this wild and exciting land. These regions are probably the best you can expect for wildlife encounters and unique scenic delights!

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Further Exploration

There are no skiing trails in Antarctica so if you choose to do this you would be breaking new trails - true exploration. Climbing is a virtually unique Antarctic adventure, an exhilarating experience with ancient rocks and challenging ice-covered slopes.

If you decide that the adventure options are not for you, you will still experience an exhilarating voyage. You can join hiking groups on exploratory walks; zodiacs will take you ashore to explore enormous penguin rookeries; there are research stations to visit and iceberg graveyards to encounter; or you can just sit quietly on a rock and fully absorb the silence of this great white continent.

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