Visit Antarctica

Visit Antarctica

Visit Antarctica

Now is the time to visit Antarctica. Travel to the continent is becoming more and more popular and although there are properly-enforced restrictions, the number of ships sailing south is increasing every year. By planning a visit to Antarctica now, the traveller can still feel a little of the pioneering spirit and enjoy the sense of Adventure of being one of the few to see the white continent. By planning your Antarctica visit with WILDFOOT, you are talking to people who have been there and experienced a visit to Antarctica first hand. Our sales consultants can guide you through every step of the process and ensure that you book on the ship and itinerary that suits you best.

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Planning a visit to Antarctica?

There are many options to consider when planning to visit Antarctica. Do you want to want to sail on a true expedition ship where there is no form of entertainment other than that you make yourself; where catering is wholesome but basic and where there are few cabins with en-suite facilities? Or do you prefer to travel in style with a five star cruise line such as Silversea? Or something in-between?

Which cruise line?

There are several cruise lines that visit Antarctica but may of these sail south with large, luxury vessels carrying 1000 passengers or more. They do afford spectacular views of the continent but their size means that they cannot go close to the ice. The number of passengers also makes it impossible to arrange landings on the ice due to the limitations on numbers allowed at any one time. The largest vessel of any comfort standard which does allow for ice landings is the Minerva which carries a maximum of 384 passengers, but the most recent entrant to the area is Silversea’s Prince Albert, a converted and completely refurbished expedition vessel carrying no more than 158 passengers in luxurious conditions. This really is the way to Visit Antarctica in style!

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When to visit Antarctica?

Timing is important when you organise your visit to Antarctica. All sailings are in the Southern Summer to allow for maximum daylight. However, when you go, depends on what you see. At the start and end of the season, there is more ice and there may be restrictions on where ships can actually sail, During the season is the time for birds and wildlife viewing when there are opportunities to see hatcheries and fledglings, migrating whales and other animals.

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How long do I need?

How much time you have is another consideration – your visit Antarctica will be the trip of a lifetime and adding extra days will allow you to also call in at evocative places such as the Falklands and South Georgia.

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