3 Things to Remember Before You Set Off For The Arctic

Here at Wildfoot Travel we strive to provide the you – the intrepid adventurer – a once in a lifetime experience to the wondrous Frozen North. Although our seasoned professionals will accompany you on every step – following a few simple rules will ensure, firstly, your utmost safety on your expedition and secondly, the basis of survival for any future endeavours. Here are our top tips for making the most of your Wildfoot Travel Arctic adventure!

arctic safety tips

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Listen to Advice!

Our Arctic experts have decades of experience operating and living in areas such as Spitsbergen, Greenland and the Canadian Arctic. They will be both your guide and mentor. With an air temperature of below -40c any wrong move can quickly take a turn for the worse. Our experts are adept adventurers and have seen first hand the sheer force of the Frozen North. Keeping your ears peeled for their sound advice will ensure a smooth run for everyone.

Arctic teamwork

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Develop Bonds with your Team!

In conjunction with our first tip, getting to know your team is a must for any expedition. Even in the Arctic’s tamer environments, keeping an eye out for your team-mates goes a long way and benefits all parties. If something doesn’t feel right, let someone know! Sore feet or a cold spot on your body can easily be remedied if identified early – but could lead to a much larger problem if you keep quiet.

Well Oiled Machine!

Taking care of your body is possibly the most important aspect of an Wildfoot Travel adventure. Operating in a below zero environment takes its toll on the human body. Ensuring that you are well fed, hydrated and rested will ensure smooth-sailing for the duration of your journey. Even if you don’t feel like it – eating and drinking at every short break will keep your body well fueled – operating at it’s fullest potential for you to absorb the magical surroundings of the Frozen North.

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