5 Galapagos activities that you can’t miss

The Galapagos Islands… legendarily remote, famed for their plentiful endemic species that had scarcely encountered human beings prior to Charles Darwin’s visit in 1835. Today, the isles remain a grand frontier of nature, with a meagre 26,000 human population across their 8,000 square kilometres.

However, paradoxically, this is not a corner of the globe with a lack of things to do. Indeed, here are just five of our favourite Galapagos multi activities here at Wildfoot Travel.

  1. Snorkelling

The Galapagos beg to be discovered underwater, a whole new world opening up when the visitor dons the snorkel and flippers that can be rented nearby.

Whether you dive beneath the surface while on board a cruise or on a day boat excursion, you can expect to see little less than the greatest feast of marine life able to be experienced on planet Earth, encompassing turtles, sealions, marine iguanas, parrotfish, puffers and sharks.

  1. Kayaking

If you want to be there on the water surface near one of the islands as rays and turtles break cover and in order to get the best vantage point for spotting cliff-nesting birds, you really can’t beat kayaking, which is often available from our cruises at no additional cost.

  1. Walking

Even those who stick to dry land, however, are in the perfect position to get up-close and personal with rare and mysterious birds, trees, cactus and plants. Walks are possible on both the populated and uninhabited islands, although any on the latter must be in the company of an official guide.

  1. Cycling

Fans of Galapagos multi adventures can scarcely miss the opportunity to rent a bicycle and ride to the lava tunnels and giant tortoise reserve in the highlands, or take on one of the many other cycling trails around the island of Santa Cruz.

  1. Sailing

There is a real sense of adventure to sailing around the Galapagos, with yachts and sailing boats able to be chartered for a day or longer. However, with visitors not being permitted to land on any of the inhabited islands or even many parts of the main islands without an official guide in attendance, you will also need to plan your journeys carefully in advance.

Visit the section of the Wildfoot Travel site that is dedicated to Galapagos multi activities to discover the full range of activities that we have available on our trips to this truly remarkable area of the Pacific Ocean.