Best Travel Apps Six Of The Best Travel Apps

The range of apps on offer these days is endless, with every one claiming to simplify your life and solve your every day problems. In reality, the result is often disappointing. Here we’ve listed six key apps that really work. (Yes really.) Apps that are very useful when you are travelling. Have a read through and see if any of them may come in handy on your adventures.

Google Maps - A very handy villa holiday tool

Google Maps

Navigate accurately from one point to another. This amazing free app will get you from A to B on foot or car, saving you from having to pay Sat-Nav hire fees. A very handy option for anyone on their travels.

Kindle - better reading on your villa holiday

Kindle App

Why carry an actual kindle when you can just download the app? Download this handy little app onto your phone or tablet and bingo! You are reading the latest blockbuster novel wherever you are. And because words take very little memory space compared to pictures, video or even audio,  as soon as  you’ve finished, it is a quick and inexpensive process to download another.

Google Traslate - very useful villa holiday travel

Google Translate

Along with the the well-known text translate feature, Google Translate also has an outstanding  real-time translation function. Download the language you need before you travel, then point the camera at any road sign or notice you coem across and as if by magic, the translated sign appears on the screen.

Enter your destination and your travel date and Packpoint automatically takes the weather into account before putting together a customisable packing list for you. Add in any additional activities and your new travel assistant, will give you a set of options to add gear to your list. A highly intuitive and useful app that can speed up and fine-tune the your packing.

wifiMap - very hand app for a villa holiday


This handy app allows you to discover and connect to any free wifi networks on your travels. Very useful indeed when you need to check your email  or get in touch with the boss at work.

Lounge Buddy - ideal when travelling to a villa

Lounge Buddy

LoungeBuddy allows you to instantly buy a day-pass for a huge range of airport lounges directly from your phone. Always a neat idea if you have a long wait for a delayed flight ahead of you.