Polar Cruise Ship Sea Spirit - Refurbished to the highest standard. Checking Out Sea Spirit’s New Refit
Travel Expert Gillian Landells checks out the polar cruise liners refit
Our travel expert Gillian Landells spent years working and travelling around Australia and New Zealand. She has also travelled extensively around South East Asia including Thailand, Japan and Malaysia. Gillian holds a deep passion for wildlife, photography, conservation and seeing as much of the world as possible.
A commanding position from sea spirit's upper deck
A commanding position from sea spirit’s upper deck

I was lucky enough to get the chance to visit the M/V Sea Spirit after she had undergone recent refurbishment on all cabins.

The M/V Sea Spirit is a purpose-built expedition ship that takes passengers to the beautiful regions of the Arctic and Antarctica.

She has a very classic look inside with lots of wood throughout along with a modern touch – it is a good mixture of feeling spacious but cosy at the same time.

Being able to accommodate a maximum of 114 guests is just the ideal size in my opinion to enable everyone to get on shore as much as possible.

During my time onboard it was really easy to talk to the other guests and that was in part to the lovely homely surroundings of the ship.

The crew took the time to talk to every single guest and were more than happy to answer questions and regale us with stories on the unique wildlife they have encountered. The vessel has great camaraderie between all onboard and this I felt added to my experience.

The bedroom are fresh and comfortable , with a contemporary feel.
Home Comfort Afloat

The refurbishment has made everything look very fresh and the small touches throughout were very much noticed.

The old and new photographs on each side of the corridors was great – it was very interesting to see the exact same image from years gone by mirrored by the present day.




Hot Tub On Deck
Is there a better place to enjoy a soak in the tub than this?


bedroom on a luxury polar cruise ship
Bedrooms with a comfortable, cosy ‘home  from home’ feeling about them.

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