peak designs everyday messenger 15 Everyday Messenger 15 – Field Tested

Wildfoot Travel's Simon Rowland Reporting From his wildlife safari in India

Wildfoot Travel’s Simon Rowland  got his hands on a new bag recently. A lovely Everyday Messenger 15.
Here Simon tell us how it performed in his honest, unbiased review. 

The Everyday Messenger bag is just one of a range of well-designed shoulder bags created by dynamic Californian based Peak Design. Whilst I tested the 15-inch model, there’s also 13-inch version available for those travelling lighter.

I picked up the Messenger 15 as I needed a sensible travel camera bag to protect my camera gear whilst carting it around on the various overseas assignments this job regularly throws up.

Instead of gathering dust in the camera cupboard where it would only see the light of day a few times per year, this bag has been my constant companion. I’ve taken such a shine to it, that this has become my day-to-day bag, carrying my laptop, ipad, iphone, chargers, documents, wallet, credit cards, lunch and much, much more besides.  

I will admit it has become more than the essential camera travel bag I initially thought it was.

But as a camera bag, you can see from the image, it takes a huge amount of gear including large tele tripod. For serious equipment hauling you could also consider the Peak Design back pack available in 20 & 30 litre sizes.

Everyday Messenger Camera Bag

Wonderfully tactile with a reassuringly-robust, seatbelt-style adjustable strap and firm carry handle, this bag’s simplicity and ease of use are epitomised by its main fastening.

The interior of the bag offers intelligent layout options with adjustable and removable cushioned dividers which allow you to alter the size of the compartments with ease. The front zipped section provides pockets for smaller essential kit, batteries, memory cards etc. The 400d nylon outer shell is robust, protective and weatherproof and comes with premium exterior weatherproof zippers. 

The bag is available in three striking colours Charcoal, Ash and Tan. I opted for the tan one which proved the ideal choice for ‘blending in’ to the background on safari and bush photography assignments.

It sits comfortably and conveniently next to me on safari drives and the handy-zip-access allows me to reach for gear quickly in case of wildlife encounters when a speedy response is essential. On walking safaris, it is comfortable to carry even when full of heavy gear.

Whilst this is a seriously strong piece of kit, more than adequate for most extreme wilderness and wildlife environments, it exudes a sleek luxury, making it suitable for sophisticated urban situations.


There are many WILDFOOT Travellers out there who would really appreciate a versatile travel companion like the Everyday Messenger 15. It is definitely a serious contender even compared to other serious traditional camera bags on the market. This stylish bag is durable, strong and offers enough padding on the outside and inside to comfortably withstand today’s everyday travel demands. 

The Everyday Messenger is very well made with obvious thought committed to its clever design. With quick access a clear focus of the design, it is a functional, yet sleek and stylish bag for all seasons and situations, whether carrying camera equipment or laptop, reports, keys and sandwiches.

Warning, it may become an inseparable day-to-day companion as well as your stylish, practical travel buddy.

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