Forest Adventure Brazil 1

Last summer, Sara from Wildfoot went on a wildlife-viewing Brazil adventure and recorded the highlights of her trip. We’re sharing her experiences here on the Wildfoot blog for you to read. Below, Sara arrives in Cuiaba to start her adventure!

Day 1

Safely arriving in Cuiaba was the main goal of today, and that I did! After setting off from Manchester the day before, I arrive via Sao Paulo at 10.30am to start my Brazilian adventure and I can’t wait to get stuck in.

Upon my arrival, I am picked up by my fresh-faced guide Fabricia, who takes me straight out of town to Chapada Dos Guimaraes, which is around 90 minutes from the airport.

Chapada is a national park that incorporates stunning views from the Cidade de Pedra sandstone cliffs, and has a staggering waterfall and an abundance of wildlife.

27 th Julyx

I really want to make the most of my brief time here, so despite the long journey and jetlag, I decide to join Fabrica on a short hike along the cliff face. It is well worth the effort, as it gives us a breathtaking view of the national park.

Within moments of the hike, we start encountering all sorts of birdlife, from flocks of scarlet macaws and yellow chevron parakeets that nest in the cliff face, to burrowing owls sitting on the boundary fence and hummingbirds collecting nectar from the wild flowers. The park is literally teeming with life!

28th July (2)x

As we make our way further along the track, we make an incredible spot; a brown vine snake. As its name suggests, this snake is very well camouflaged in the undergrowth and consequently slips in and out of view.

Despite Fabrica warning me that it is mildly venomous, I just cannot resist getting a little closer for a second look. There’s something so captivating about its movement.

27th Julyx

Finally, defeated after a long day of travelling and the incessant dry heat, we decide to call time and drive into town to our humble abode for the night, Hotel Turrismo. For dinner, our guide treats us to some delicious local cuisine at a restaurant called Pomodori. I highly recommend the freshly baked empanadas… so tasty!