Galapagos Journals – more stunning photography from John

What an amazing day we have had on Genovesa Island. This is the only place in the world where red- footed boobies breed, and this morning, after a wet landing on a white sandy beach, we walked though their nesting territory, which they share with great frigate birds, swallow-tail gulls and a few other species.

Again, the birds and the sea lions, also just lying around, had no fear and we were so close it would have been possible to touch. Before lunch, we donned our shortie wetsuits and went off for a spell of deep sea snorkelling – the water was pretty choppy, much more than I expected and, although we did see lots of interesting fish, the clarity of the water wasn’t that great.The sun came out about midday and we enjoyed really hot sunshine and clear skies. For about an hour before we went off again, I just sat on deck and watched the hundreds of birds, frigate, boobies, shearwaters, tropic birds and gulls flying around, calling and interacting.

Then off in the zodiac, slowly along the cliff edge seeing sea-lions and fur seals and nesting birds, including night heron and lava heron. We reached some steps formed out of the cliff and climbed to the top for a walk, this time amongst mostly Nazca boobies, but also magnificent, as opposed to great, frigates, all nesting and with loads of chicks and curious young boobies who came right up to see who we were. Also, lots of finches and colourful Galapagos doves. A highlight here was seeing one short-eared owl, the only main predator on this island, apart from the frigates.Back to the boat for dinner and early bed – I was the latest at 2145, most were an hour earlier! I have to say that the boat, whilst really comfortable in most ways is very very noisy when under way and since that is for most of the night, you are always conscious of the sound.