If you’re a wildlife spotter, you’re in luck in Antarctica

Wildlife lovers worldwide have long been great admirers of our Antarctic holidays. You could be the next!

What can be spotted?

One of the most-spotted species in the Antarctic also happens to be the one of the funniest. Penguins are so common that at some points, they cover entire glaciers! Several species of penguin can be seen in the Antarctic, including emperor and king penguins.

As well as Penguins, dozens of species of birds live on the continent, including albatrosses, gulls and petrels, among other species. Whales and dolphins are frequently seen in the Antarctic. As they can be a rarity anywhere else on the planet, spotting one may be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Humpback, orca, sie, minke and sperm whales are often identified on our expeditions, with hourglass dolphins also roaming the waters.

Seals are also spotted quite frequently on our trips. Leopard, fur and Weddell seals make regular appearances, as does the largest Antarctic animal that you will probably spot on the ice; the elephant seal.

Seeing all of the animals in their natural environment is a rare opportunity, so it’s understandable that you’ll want to catch a glimpse of as many as possible. Contact our Antarctic experts prior to your trip for more details on which animals can be spotted and when.

Travel options

The choice is yours when you are considering how to make the most of your time in Antarctica. For a unique expedition experience, our vessels are manned by experienced polar crew members. Although comfort is moderate with limited facilities on board, sailing on one of these makes for the most authentic possible polar experience.

Our expedition ships are larger and slightly more homely, but for the trip with the best of both worlds, our luxury ships are surely the ones that you will want to choose – the wide choice of accommodation and five star services makes for a truly amazing journey.

WILDFOOT is dedicated to ensuring that everyone who takes part on our trips does so in safety, style and comfort, and that they make the most of their time here. Feel free to get in touch with us for more information on our thrilling and educational Antarctic holidays.