Indian Adventure 16

Simon from WILDFOOT enjoyed a wildlife adventure in India earlier this year and kept a diary of his travels throughout the summer. Over the last month, Simon’s adventures have been serialised on the WILDFOOT blog, and today he concludes his journey.

Part 16

Finishing my Indian adventure in Guwahati, Assam, I take the time to reflect on my experiences. I have been lucky enough to spot some of the world’s most endangered and sought-after wildlife, and I have also immersed myself in the local culture and learned a great deal about India in the process.



Concluding my journey in Kaziranga National Park has been a real treat. Despite being off the beaten track – a three-hour flight from Delhi and a five-hour journey from Guwahati Airport – this destination has allowed me to spend some time with the beautiful wildlife that India has to offer.

If you hold a dedicated interest in the one-horned rhino, this is the park for you. Although other regions can be reached in less travelling time, Assam is a beautiful place, and combining your trip to Eastern India with a visit to Bhutan can open up even more possibilities for observing wildlife.

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