Perfect! Despite bronchitis

Dear Lynn,

You must think that I am extremely rude not emailing you before now and telling you about our cruise.

Well, we had a fantastic holiday and the cruise was really excellent. The only major setback was that I had managed to catch a bug on a short trip to Geneva before we departed for Argentina and started the the cruise with a stinking cold and cough. This, of course, morphed into bronchitis and I had two trips to the ship’s doctor. but this didn’t stop us having a good time.

The ship was perfect. Just over 200 passengers, spotlessly clean, excellent food and not too much of it and the wine wasn’t bad except that the red was undrinkable in my opinion. The cruise was very much orientated on the wildlife aspect which, although we realised that at the time, was a little too overbearing at times. For instance, do i wish to be woken up in the night to get up and see a couple of whales! No!  It was a shame that we didn’t visit Port Stanley in the Falklands as the small British contingent would have liked that. Incidentally, we were surprised how few British there were on board just three couples and one family of four.

We knew it was a French ship and over half the passengers were French. No problem for me as I speak the language but not good for non-speakers. The commentary in English was always less than half that in French and I ended up by having to translate. The staff were excellent all of them knowing our likes and dislikes in no time.

Sandy ended up as being very much the Captain’s favourite so we were lucky to dine with him twice and get to know him on other occasions.

One major problem was the embarkation and disembarkation procedure. We solved the embarkation as we were staying in a hotel prior to boarding but disembarkation was a shambles. The port of Ushuaia need to be consulted on this in order to arrive at a positive solution. On getting our luggage from the ship to outside the port entrance I told Sandy that if I didn’t get a heart attack after everything that I had to push and carry then I never shall!

Finally, thank you to you and everybody we spoke to for all your help and assistance.

Best wishes,