5 Most Popular Arctic Myths About Animals

Myth 1

Penguins live in the Arctic. Not true! You will never see a polar bear and a penguin together, and polar bears do not eat penguins. Why? Because penguins do not live in the arctic!

Myth 2

The polar bear is a left pawed arctic animal. This popular myth is not correct and has never been corroborated by scientists in the field- in reality, the giant polar bear can use either paw with equal skill during hunting and swimming.

Myth 3

Another familiar misconception about arctic animals is that the polar bear covers its black nose for camouflage when hunting in the Arctic. Since the polar bear has never looked in a mirror it’s interesting to wonder where this myth came from – the polar bear has never been observed in the wild doing this!

Myth 4

The arctic polar bear is not actually white as you might think. Whilst the new born polar bear may be white as snow, an adult shows the signs of its environment and develops a fur that is more yellow than white.

The Arctic polar bear

Myth 5

A final myth is that polar bears eat fish as their main source of diet. Fish do not actually feature often on a polar bear’s menu. The diet of a polar bear are actually seals, and it is only on rare occasions that they will eat fish, unlike other arctic birds and mammals who rely on these gilled creatures for their main source of energy.

seals natural prey of the polar bear

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