Antarctic holidays that really unlock this remarkable region

Antarctica may have a reputation as something of a remote region – and indeed that is part of its fascinating appeal to many – but here at WILDFOOT we take great pride in making it accessible to a wide range of intrepid travellers. Antarctic holidays simply come no better than ours, thanks to our combination of unrivalled local expertise, competitively-priced packages and a commitment to fulfilling your most specific needs for an Antarctica break.

As the Antarctica region becomes progressively more reachable for more and more travellers, here at WILDFOOT, we do everything possible to give you the true trip of a lifetime to this endlessly stimulating part of the world. Nowhere else could you expect to encounter such intriguing and often thrilling wildlife, for example, searching for Emperor Penguins in and around the Weddell Sea, and walking amongst thousands of King Penguins in South Georgia along with Gentoo, Macaroni, Adelie and Chinstrap penguins around other parts of the peninsula.

Other wildlife must-sees on your Antarctic holidays include albatross, petrels, whales and dolphins – but it isn’t merely the ‘local residents’ that will take your breath away on a break to the polar region. That’s because the region also serves up the most spectacular scenery, composed of mammoth glaciers and towering mountains, as well as huge icebergs and even spring meadows and grassland, depending on whether you centre your trip on the Antarctic mainland or such nearby islands as South Georgia and the Falklands. You can even view wildlife and encounter icebergs from on board zodiacs – a truly up-close experience.

While the inhospitality of Antarctica has not lent itself to the development of a native culture, there is nonetheless much to be found on the Falklands and Tristan da Cunha, where the descendants of 19th and 20th century settlers work the land and exploit the sea to live. Our Antarctic holidays also present you with the opportunity to head pole-wards in the footsteps of legendary explorers like Scott, Shackleton and Amundsen – even making a poignant visit to Shackleton’s grave.

However, don’t forget that with WILDFOOT your Antarctic adventure will also be an exceptionally comfortable one, for as long as you are onboard one of our luxury ships with their spacious cabins, five-star service and on-board cuisine, your comfort and enjoyment is the priority. At the same time, we ensure the best possible value for money on your trip through our close work with the finest expedition operators. We offer expeditions on all standards of ship, which opens up our experience to those travelling on all budgets.

Our dedication to every aspect of your Antarctic holidays should make us your first choice when you seek to journey to this most remarkable end of the earth. Contact the friendly and professional team at WILDFOOT now for a more in-depth discussion of your options and to book your dream Antarctica break.