Embark on a tailor made adventure to the Falklands

The Falklands Islands are certainly well-known for the territorial disputes that have surrounded it down the ages, and indeed, there are few parts of the world that are so steeped in compelling history. However, it is only right that the Falklands are also celebrated for their astonishing geography and biodiversity, with our own tailored packages here at Wildfoot Travel bringing you closer to it all.

Where do we start when talking about this visually stunning and ecologically rich part of the world? Well, we could start with where the perfect tailor made adventure to the Falklands could take you. Our range of packages is truly comprehensive in line with the wishes of beginner and seasoned travellers alike. You can decide to tour only the Falklands, or alternatively have it added onto your South America itinerary or Antarctica expedition.


For example, would you like a trip that takes in not only the Falkland Islands but also the remote South Atlantic island of Ascension, with its tropical birdlife and nesting green turtles? Or maybe there are such Falklands destinations themselves that you are interested in such as Carcass Island, Sea Lion Island and Pebble Island, which are known for their stunning landscapes? From island hopping to bird watching, there’s so much that you can do on one of our Falklands packages.


But much more important than the finer details of a tailor made adventure to the Falklands are the firm memories that you will undoubtedly create, whichever one you choose. All visitors experience the same abundant wildlife, remarkable beaches and unpolluted, clear blue skies, and with more than 700 islands making up the whole archipelago, you will discover something very different every time you come.


Although the Falklands aren’t completely shorn of urbanity – there is, after all, Stanley, the world’s southernmost capital with its reassuringly familiar red telephone boxes and public houses – Wildfoot Travel is nonetheless the company that will guide you towards the more natural side of the islands in all of their majesty. From the ever-popular penguins to the 417 different flora species that are present here, you can discover it all on a tailor made adventure to the Falklands with Wildfoot Travel.