Fascinating sights to enjoy on Arctic cruises to the Svalbard archipelago

It’s fair to say that the remote nature of many parts of the Arctic are key to their appeal among tourists, and what can easily be included in reference to these parts is the archipelago of Svalbard, and in particular, the island of Spitsbergen. The world’s most northern permanently inhabited area bar a few military bases, this peculiar Arctic part of Norway has plenty to recommend it for even veteran travellers of the Arctic.

What do the people think? Look out for polar bears!

Why should you personally mull over making use of one of the Arctic cruises to Svalbard on offer from WILDFOOT? If you consider public opinion reliable, the chance to catch sight of striking aspects of Arctic nature, including a good variety of native plants and animals, should be a major draw.

Once you arrive at Svalbard with help from WILDFOOT, you should soon see the kind of glaciers and mountains that give the Arctic region much of its memorable visual character, after all, the name Spitsbergen from the original German, means ‘pointed mountains’. However, look more carefully and you should soon also be able to spot polar bears, which are one of Svalbard’s biggest tourist attractions, and other local animals like Arctic foxes, seals, walruses and reindeer.

There are more historical remnants than you might expect

Given that Svalbard’s population of about 2,600 is so small and so much of the nature remains untouched, you could be excused for reckoning that there can’t be much historical sight-seeing to enjoy through any of WILDFOOT’s Arctic cruises to the Svalbard archipelago. You would actually be wrong to reckon so!

Longyearbyen, with its population of roughly only 2,000, is tiny for what is Svalbard’s ‘capital’. However, it remains home to two museums, Svalbard Museum and the Spitsbergen Airship Museum, where you can check out exhibits related to significant Arctic expeditions. Outside Longyearbyen, you can even see two Lenin statues, a legacy of Soviet Union influence in the area.

We wish we had the space to mention even more than this…

Ultimately, these are only a few tips for enhancing your experience after booking one of our Arctic cruises to Svalbard. We haven’t here mentioned all of the big sources of excitement for an adventure in Svalbard, but WILDFOOT can assist in making your journey to the area full of fun.

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