Planning your Arctic trip with WILDFOOT

WILDFOOT is a world-class provider of Arctic holiday cruises. Taking time to prepare for your trip to the Arctic is crucial if it is to be a success, so let’s look at some of the most valuable advice that we can give you if you are thinking of heading out to this extraordinary part of the world with us.

Unless you are looking for a particularly tough challenge, it’s probably best to head to the Arctic between June and September. Outside this part of the year, the weather can be extreme and visibility tends to be limited. The days are long and the weather mild enough for your experience to be a fulfilling one if you visit in the high summer. The ships are able to travel further north during these months, enabling you to visit the Spitsbergen region or perhaps even get up to the North Pole.

During the summer months, temperatures are usually above freezing – indeed, even double-figure temperatures are not out of the question. You shouldn’t need extreme-weather clothing in the summer, although it’s worth remembering that some people find it harder to cope with low temperatures than others.

You should also consider investing in a good camera in order to get high-quality shots while exploring the Arctic. Carrying a spare battery with you is a very good idea and will help you to avoid being caught short when you are most in the mood to start snapping away.

You will need good quality sunglasses in the Arctic due to the sheer brightness of this environment, with high-factor sun cream also a must on account of the UV light and clear air. Binoculars and pen knifes can prove to be worth their weight in gold, too.

Of course, you are welcome to get in touch with our expert team at any point if you do have any queries about what to take and how to stay comfortable during your adventure. We are more than happy to use our knowledge and experience to benefit you, and are passionate about helping you make your trip a success.

Why not talk to WILDFOOT today if you are keen to secure a booking and prepare yourself for a trip quite unlike any that you will have embarked on before – or will ever embark on again?