The Penguin Post Office

The BBC is following up its delightful BBC television programme set at Port Lockroy in Antarctica with a series on BBC Radio 4, which is going to rum from Monday 1st September to Friday 5th.

The stars of that show were undoubtedly the gentoo penguins, who inhabit the island  and whose rookery surrounds the British station there. These penguins take absolutely no account of the staff of the Post Office there,  and even ignore the regular visitors from the many expedition ships who land in their zodiacs and clamber up the rocky steps. As the season continues, these steps become covered in penguin poo and have to be cleaned daily by the station staff – such is the disregard of these black and white natives!

The film crew from BBC Natural World spent lots of time at Port Lockroy during last season and had many more encounters, especially with wildlife, than were reported on the BBC programme. Their trailer hints at a particularly close call for cameraman Doug Allen when he came face to face with a leopard seal. These seals are ruthless predators, whose principal diet includes penguins (hence them being around Port Lockroy) and, although they rarely attack humans, you wouldn’t want to take any chances!

Port Lockroy and the Penguin Post Office is a great place to visit and is included on many Antarctic expedition itineraries bookable through Wildfoot Travel. We look forward to reporting on the BBC Radio programme.

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