When is the best time to cruise the Arctic?

When you picture the Arctic, chances are you imagine a cold, empty ice-covered wasteland stretching as far as the eye can see. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. For many holidaymakers, the Arctic is the final frontier, boasting everything from dramatic landscapes, incredible wildlife, and the natural wonder of the Aurora Borealis- the famous northern lights.

when to go on an arctic cruise

Photo courtesy of HBarrison(CC ShareALike)

The best time to cruise the Arctic can depend on what you want to see, and also, which part of the Arctic you’ll be cruising. The vast portion of the Earth we call the Arctic spans northern Canada, Greenland, Alaska, Russia and Iceland, as well as Arctic Ocean.

For grizzly bears, moose and muskoxen, you’ll have the best chance seeing them during the summer months around Canada and Alaska. However if you go in July and August, you run the risk of battling the mosquitos, which could be enough to turn your dream cruise into a nightmare! To combat the seasonal blood-suckers, try planning your trip for spring or early autumn, where you can not only see the fantastic flora that blooms during the Arctic’s green season, but you can see fantastic wildlife such as caribou, polar bears, and very rarely, the last wolves that haunt the northern territories.

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when to cruise the arctic

Photo courtesy of Steve Snodgrass(CC Attribution)

Don’t forget about the whales! Available all year round in the seas and oceans of the Arctic Circle, a chance to go whale watching can be an unforgettable experience. Orcas, belugas and humpback whales all make the chilly waters their home, and many cruise operators include whale watching in their packages.

Often, the beautiful northern lights are the main attraction for an Arctic cruise. This natural phenomenon can be seen all year round – but be warned, no matter where or when you go, you are not guaranteed to see them. The northern lights have been seen as far south as the Caribbean- though this rare spectacle happens about once a century, however being in the Arctic circle does greatly increase your chances of seeing the amazing sight, which is caused by charged particles 

colliding with the solar wind in the thermosphere, producing a dazzling spectrum of colours in the night sky.

As always, choosing a holiday adventure depends on your own personal tastes and preferences, and Arctic cruises are no different, but no matter what, you’ll have the holiday of a lifetime! Check our website for availability.

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