So many great reasons to explore Antarctica

For many people, heading out to Antarctica means fulfilling the dream of a lifetime. Antarctic holidays can be the answer if you are interested in taking a trip with a difference that you will never forget. The temperature may be testing, but it’s well worth braving the elements, given the truly magical experience that only a journey to this part of the world can quite provide.

Antarctica is the world’s least explored frontier and is an ideal destination for anyone wishing to take a break in an unspoiled region that offers breathtaking scenery and fascinating wildlife. Antarctica is synonymous with icebergs, whales, penguins and rare birds. Photo opportunities are limitless, and the sunsets are among the most stunning that the globe has to offer.

You will struggle to find a better setting for an adventure than Antarctica. The continent is totally unlike any other and gives you the chance to walk in the footsteps of some of the most iconic explorers in history. Life in Antarctica is completely different from what you may have come to expect from your day-to-day life, which means you really will be able to take a break from the norm when you spend time in this most exceptional and isolated part of the world.

Here at WILDFOOT, we offer cruises to a number of fascinating destinations, including the Falklands, the Antarctic Peninsula, Ross Sea and South-Atlantic islands. We can bring you the expedition that you’ve always wanted, offering guides that know the region inside out whilst keeping you completely safe and introducing you to some of the most interesting species in the world, such as the Rockhopper, Adelie and maybe even, Emperor penguins.

You will also get the chance in Antarctica to see myriad shearwaters, skuas, petrels and many more seabirds. South Georgia offers the biggest concentration of wildlife in the world, including albatross and King Penguins as well as the South Georgia Pipit. You may even encounter the Blue Whale on your travels.

Talk to us today if you’re interested in seeing some of the world’s most talked-about wildlife and engaging in activities such as cross-country skiing, snorkelling, snowshoeing and ice-climbing, on the most remarkable backdrop. We have the knowledge and experience needed to help you plan the perfect expedition to Antarctica.