Uncover the Galapagos with your little explorers!

Sometimes you want to treat your family to an experience that they will never forget, away from the bustling crowds of the obvious touristic cities and back into the heart of nature. If you are currently trying to find the perfect destination for your own little explorers, why not take them to a destination where nature is right under their noses, on a Galapagos family cruise?

Ecuador’s spectacular Galapagos islands offer a seemingly primordial environment, where humans can interact with a whole host of inhabitants including rare birds, iguanas, giant tortoises and sea lions. The islands are extraordinarily well preserved and the animals that live there show no fear of people, making it the ideal place to teach your family about the importance of nature and conservation.

With itineraries that are designed for fulfilling exploration of some of the best wildlife regions on the islands, you can rest safe in the knowledge that the Galapagos experts are leading you through locations that your family will be talking about for the rest of their lives.

Although many may not consider the Galapagos islands to be a family friendly destination, our especially designed cruises here at Wildfoot Travel have been tailor made to ensure that family members of all ages can take part in some truly once-in-a-lifetime activities. Along with the on-board entertainment, the tours of the Galapagos encompass all manner of fun-filled activities.

There really isn’t anything like leaving the beaten path and enjoying the peace and quiet of an island paradise, with activities like snorkelling, kayaking or simply paddling in the pristine waters adding an extra layer of family fun!

When you consider just how few opportunities most of us have to see animals such as giant tortoises and sea lions in their natural habitats, a Galapagos family cruise is the perfect way to create these memories and experiences for your little ones. As you walk among the colonies of birds and animals, you will be able to explore a world that is in stark contrast to the busy cities and modern holiday destinations that many of us have become accustomed to – and jaded by.

Why not try something a little different on your next break and revel a once-in-a-lifetime trip with your family to the islands that really do showcase the best of the natural world?