What can you learn on one of our educational cruise expeditions?

Antarctica is a truly astonishing region – the southernmost, coldest, driest and windiest continent on Earth, a polar desert that has claimed the lives of many of those to have underestimated it. But this part of the world isn’t merely about the most intensely adverse elements – it is also about remarkable wildlife, stunning scenery and one of the most memorable travel experiences of your life.

It is a region that teaches you much about yourself, as you learn a lot in turn about it – and there can be no better way of doing so than with one of our educational cruise expeditions.

Book an amazing group experience with us

Contact WILDFOOT today about group holidays on which your friends or fellow members of a club, society or other interest group can learn more about what Antarctica is really about. Not only can brilliantly competitive rates be negotiated for such holidays, but we might even be able to offer a free place to your group leader, or the value of a free place shared out among all of you.

If your group is a larger one, we are also delighted to provide an escort, who can cater for all of your transfers and other arrangements.

Perfectly tailored group expeditions

Whatever the nature of your group – a club or society with a more formal interest in a subject or field of study related to Antarctica, perhaps, or simply friends or sporting teammates who would all like to experience this incredible region ‘in the flesh’ – we are confident of providing the perfectly-tailored holiday.

As you might expect, we can certainly put together the complete educational cruise expeditions for schools, colleges, universities and alumni, encompassing zodiac (RIB or Rigid Inflatable Boat) excursions, bird and whale watching and informative lectures.

However, we are just as happy to build the ideal holiday expedition package for ornithologists and birdwatchers, photographers, wildlife enthusiasts, historians, skiers, kayakers and scuba divers. These breaks allow you to follow in the footsteps of the celebrated figures to have embarked on history’s greatest Antarctic expeditions – Scott, Mawson, Shackleton – in a way that suits everyone in your group.

Talk to WILDFOOT today about the most inspiring educational cruise expeditions that help to bring this mysterious, legendary and ever-fascinating corner of the globe to life.