Why should you book your Antarctic holiday with our specialists in polar travel?

With the increasing accessibility of the Antarctic region to ‘ordinary’ travellers is coming an attendant rise in the number of companies offering holidays to this previously largely unchartered corner of the world. With many of these businesses claiming to offer it all in an Antarctic break, why should you specifically target the services and packages of specialists in polar travel like WILDFOOT?

Some of the reasons to do so are less obvious than others. Perhaps the most obvious is our in-depth knowledge and first-hand experience of this most specialised of regions. Quite simply, we feel that a remarkable continent demands remarkable treatment, which is precisely what we have sought to provide here at WILDFOOT – with spectacular results in the form of our consistently glowing customer feedback.

Such customers realise that choosing a great Antarctic holiday provider is about more than opting for the lowest price, or even the company that can boast the broadest range of expedition packages. What is arguably most important of all, is choosing a provider that truly understands Antarctica and has tailored its offerings to suit – the kind of company that allows you to experience almost everything that one of the planet’s remotest regions could conceivably serve up.

Where other providers may focus on slashing the price to the lowest level possible, we channel our energies into giving our customers a genuinely ground-up Antarctic holiday experience. People booking with us can climb aboard the best well-equipped expedition ships and learn about every detail of this most special of regions, via lectures given by seasoned experts in geology, oceanography, glaciology and history, all upon a stunning polar backdrop.

Alternatively, those embarking on such an incredible journey with us may throw themselves into such enthralling optional activities as kayaking, scuba diving, snorkelling, hiking, skiing or snowshoeing – or they may prefer the slightly sedater activity of wildlife spotting, discovering many more new and wonderful species in a few hours than they would encounter in many years at home.

Some travellers on board our cruises are even lucky enough to be able to board a helicopter for ice landings inside the continent – the perfect opportunity to keep their eyes peeled for the elusive Emperor Penguin. Add to all of these experiences the option of an especially luxurious Antarctic cruise encompassing 5* service and on-board cuisine, as well as our memberships of such organisations as ABTA, ATOL, IAATO and ATTA, and in WILDFOOT, you really do have the complete reputable polar travel provider.

Could now be the time for you to embark on the Antarctic journey of a lifetime? If the answer to that question is “yes”, make sure that it really is memorable for all of the right reasons by keeping our leading specialists in polar travel firmly by your side.